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RECORDING l The key to effective sampling of milk and dairy products

By Food Focus on 12 July 2023

Recording of the live Webinar with the DSA on the topic of effective sampling of milk and dairy products in the trade.

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RECORDING | Design criteria and factors important for effective cleaning in place

By Food Focus on 13 June 2023

Hygienic design principles, relating to equipment as well as the relevant processes, are applied in Food and Beverage operations.

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It is Safe to Consume Eggs and Poultry Products

By South African Poultry Association on 02 June 2023

SAPA advises consumers that it is safe to consume eggs and poultry, but care should be taken to handle eggs and meat hygienically.

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RECORDING I The Fear Factor in Microbiological Automated Test Methods

By Food Focus on 03 May 2023

VIEW THE RECORDING | The relation between the traditional method and automation can be complex to understand and interpret in our daily business. This webinar will dig into the value of automation, and how we can benefit from it.

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RECORDING | Reviewing R3337 Draft Food Labelling Regulations

By Food Focus on 25 April 2023

VIEW THE RECORDING Where the experts from Hahn & Hahn Attorneys dived into the R3337 Labelling Regulations.

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Are you a micro or small food supplier in South Africa?

By Food Focus on 24 April 2023

The SPAR Group has identified the need to help micro and small food suppliers to understand food safety, and so they have recently launched the SPAR Supplier Development Programme.

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FSSC releases version 6 of the FSSC 22000 scheme

By Food Focus on 05 April 2023

On 31 March 2023, the Foundation FSSC published Version 6 of the FSSC 22000 scheme. FSSC, as the leading brand in Food Safety Management Systems, provides trust and supports the consumer goods industry.

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RECORDING | Sharpen your Pencil on Dairy Legislation

By Food Focus on 17 March 2023

VIEW THE RECORDING | How should stakeholders in the dairy industry navigate through the processes of regulation in a multi-dimensional, fragmented regulatory environment that is very demanding?

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RECORDING | Reviewing the Draft Food Labelling Regulations (R2986)

By Food Focus on 20 February 2023

VIEW THE RECORDING: In this 2-hour webinar, Food Law experts from Hahn & Hahn Attorneys covered an overview of the content and the changes to the Regulations, to assist you in preparation for submitting YOUR comments by the deadline.

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R2986 Labelling Regulations for Comment

By Food Focus on 01 February 2023

The Department of Health has released a draft of the R2986 Regulations Relating to the Labelling and Advertising of Foodstuffs. This has been replaced by R3320.

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The do's and don'ts of food waste disposal

By on 16 December 2022

The impact we have on the world is worsening. And if you’re in the food business, chances are you have to deal with a lot of food waste. If you’re not careful, disposing of that waste can not only be a big headache, but it can be a heavy burden to bear when you consider the envir

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RECORDING | Pasteurisation to the next level

By Food Focus on 02 November 2022

VIEW THE RECORDING | Pasteurisation of milk will remain a hot topic! This heat treatment ensures safety for human consumption by reducing the number of viable pathogenic bacteria.

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SANS 3091:2022 Edition 1 - Chilled finfish, marine molluscs and crustaceans

By Food Focus on 21 October 2022

The SABS has published a new national standard that will ensure that consumers have access to fresh and quality fish, marine molluscs and crustaceans and that the factories that process this type of food for human consumption have requirements to guide the handling and transporta

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SURVEY | What food safety expenses do you find hardest to justify to your CEO?

By Food Focus on 18 October 2022

Managing your food safety hazards and risks effectively costs money – which is often gets pushback from the CEO/Management team. Tell us what you find hardest in this survey!

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RECORDING | The Dairy Matrix Explained: Health benefits beyond individual nutrients

By Food Focus on 11 October 2022

VIEW THE RECORDING | During this webinar, we will hear from independent expert speakers in the field of health and nutrition, Professor Arne Astrup from Denmark and Professor Renée Blaauw from the University of Stellenbosch.

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RECORDING | Escherichia coli from a One Health perspective

By Food Focus on 05 October 2022

VIEW THE RECORDING | In this webinar we focus on some of the significant aspects of the microbiology, epidemiology, and host-pathogen interactions of E. coli in animals

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First UK study of synthetic chemicals found in food

By University of Birmingham on 04 October 2022

The first comprehensive assessment of common synthetic chemicals found in UK foods has been completed by researchers at the University of Birmingham.

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Taming the Pathogens through Cleaning

By Food Focus on 27 September 2022

Avoiding pathogenic risks is a high priority for all in the food industry. Proper cleaning practices remains one of the most effective ways to prevent contamination in your facility remains. This article discusses some typically underestimated locations in food factories when it

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RECORDING | Reduce the risks of retail bulk milk

By Food Focus on 14 September 2022

VIEW THE RECORDING | The importance of control over milk as a perishable food product needs no emphasis. Retail bulk milk is known to be a product exposed to a higher degree of food safety risks. Find out more in this webinar with the DSA.

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How safe is it to drink rainwater?

By The Conversation on 02 September 2022

In many parts of the world, including Africa, people rely on rainwater as a source of drinking water, as well as for other household and livelihood uses, but how safe is rainwater to drink?

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