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Recalls, emotions and customer requirements

By Guest Author on 27 March 2018

In some situations in life we have a fight or flight reaction - even in business and our professional life. And then there is the Listeriosis saga in our industry. Interesting times. We want to protect our end consumer and brand name at nearly all costs... so we recall.

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Free Advice to a Food Company CEO during a Listeria Outbreak

By Guest Author on 23 March 2018

Imagine that the phone call comes or an email pops into your inbox – “Sir, we have been contacted by the health authorities and they say our product (polony) has been linked to illnesses and deaths. What do we do?”

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Listeria for schools

By Debbie Brandt of Progress Excellence on 16 March 2018

There is a lot of information circulating on our televisions, radios and social media platforms regarding the Listeriosis outbreak and what you as a consumer should do to protect yourself and your family.

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Listeria information for students

By Linda Jackson on 16 March 2018

Listeria for students - What is your hygiene practice in your kitchen at res or digs

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Food truck do’s and dont's

By Guest Author on 16 March 2018

In today’s uncertain times, many households are looking for a second income and very often the sale of food items may seem to be an easy way of making extra cash. But before you dive into this project, it is best to do your research and educate yourself on what is required. (Upda

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Starting a food business in South Africa-Part 1

By Linda Jackson on 15 March 2018

You have a great recipe for rusks, you want to sell at the local flea market or perhaps you would like to become a home chef? Whatever your food business may be, our two part article explain the process into 10 actionable steps for you.

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Starting a food business in South Africa - Part 2

By Linda Jackson on 15 March 2018

You have a great recipe for rusks, you want to sell at the local flea market or perhaps you would like to become a home chef? Whatever your food business may be, our two part article explain the process into 10 actionable steps for you. The second part of our article looks at hy

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Food safety is OUR problem

By Linda Jackson on 12 March 2018

The last week has seen a record number of food safety articles in the press, on social media and all media channels. And it’s long overdue.It is always such a privilege to be able to provide comment on a story educating public on food safety issues...

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How to eradicate Listeria from your kitchen or small shop

By Food Focus on 11 March 2018

Useful document from the National Institute of Communicable Diseases on How to Eradicate Listeria From Your kitchen or Small Shop

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Bill Marler on the Listeriosis Outbreak in South Africa

By Food Focus on 11 March 2018

Bill Marler shared his insights with food industry professionals at the Food Focus listeria workshop in March 2018. We chatted with him about his visit to South Africa, the listeriosis outbreak and what this will mean for the food industry.

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Media statement DOH: Source of Listeriosis outbreak in South Africa

By Food Focus on 04 March 2018

Official media release from the DOH names the source of the present listeriosis outbreak as the Enterprise food-production facility in Polokwane. Additionally, preliminary results show that several ready-to-eat processed meat products from the Enterprise facility located in Germi

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Listeria - don't relax now, the challenge is not over

By Bridget Day on 04 March 2018

We may have discovered the source of the ST6 outbreak strain of Listeria - but the issue remains - food facilities need to up their game and address the risks in their facilities, because they are under the spotlight.

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How to keep Listeria out of your Refrigerator

By Bridget Day on 03 March 2018

You think you may have had products in your fridge which may have been be contaminated with listeria? So now what should you do? Here are some tips.

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Industry Guideline on Control of Listeria Monocytogenes for the South African Dairy Industry

By Food Focus on 28 February 2018

This document has been prepared to assist roleplayers in the South African dairy industry to proactively implement measures based on a pathogen control equation programme that is considered essential in the process of Listeria safe dairy production.

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Your TACCP and VACCP tool kit

By Linda Jackson on 26 February 2018

We all know that VACCP and TACCP are part of the new requirements you need to comply with... just in case you needed a refresher, here is a list of tools and useful websites that you can refer to.

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What are Interested Parties, and How do you Manage Them?

By Guest Author on 22 February 2018

ISO Management Systems consider Interested Parties an essential element in the success of any business. Interested parties, also referred to as Stakeholders must be managed in order to obtain and retain their support. Additionally, many ISO Management Standards including; ISO 900

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Performance Indicators for ISO 9001:2015

By Guest Author on 19 February 2018

In order to meet and improve customer satisfaction it’s essential to monitor and measure performance by using different indicators.

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Listeria monocytogenes Guidance on Environmental Monitoring and Corrective Actions in At-risk Foods

By Food Focus on 15 February 2018

The intent of this guidance document is to provide information to food manufacturers producing at-risk foods to help them design a Listeria Environmental Monitoring Program (LEMP), which will in turn verify the efficacy of the relevant prerequisite programs (such as sanitation,

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Keeping Listeria out of your production facility

By Guest Author on 15 February 2018

With the Listeriosis break out being a world record in terms of numbers reported, we as food professionals need to proactive. Ready to eat foods have been named as a high risk, but we should all be doing whatever we can to ensure we manage the risks in all facilities, to the best

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NICD situation update on listeriosis outbreak, South Africa 14 Feb

By Bridget Day on 14 February 2018

With cooperation from all the provinces, the NICD is able to provide us with outcome data on over 68% of reported listeriosis cases. As of 14 Feb 2018, there are 872 laboratory-confirmed cases of which 164 (27%) have resulted in death.

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