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Food Focus is proud to work with  individuals, companies
and organisations  within the food industry in South Africa.


Thank you Food Focus SA for keeping up the awareness
of food standards, it is so important
for a lot of people
suffering from food intolerance related issues,
please keep up the good work. 
| June 2019

Roshney Allie - Managing Director & Co-Owner at The One Four One LLC


“Food Focus is definitely one of the foremost authorities in the
South African Food Industry. Working together with them for the past 2.5 years
has been a great experience.  Their team is passionate, experienced
and knowledgeable and has the right industry contacts to connect you
and your company to relevant decision makers | May 2019”

Torsten Harms – Head of Marketing – Testo South Africa


We found the Pick n Pay Supplier Workshop hosted by Food Focus  extremely
enlightening. The speakers were knowledgeable, entertaining and in parts scary.  
Product recalls frighten the life out of every business owner, knowledge is
power,  the more we know and learn the better equipped we all are,
no matter where we fit into the supply chain  | April 2019

Annette Devenish - Sanitouch


Thank you so very much for training received at the Pick n Pay Supplier Day
hosted by Food Focus. The interaction with the auditor and the case studies
of actual events were both a wake up call and a step up in the learning. 
Congratulations on a successful workshop | April 2019

Diana - The Allergen Baker


Specialists in compliance as well as specialists in service.
Thank you Food Focus | Feb 2019

Cheryl Howard - Owner - Precise Compliance

precise compliance testimonial


Food Focus is making a difference in the food industry by bringing service
providers such as Entecom closer to the food industry. Food Focus’s website
is a vibrant and valuable hub of information sharing and Entecom loves
working with these dynamic ladies and will continue to support
their value-adding platform | Jan 2019

Janice Giddy  - Managing Director - Entecom

entecom testimonal