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Part-four-Tips-for-working-with-remote-auditors : Part 3

By Food Safety News on 25 October 2020

As new technologies and work methods make their way into the food industry, companies have the option to step away from traditional in-person auditing processes and switch to a remote audit.

Rapid kits: On-site solution for food allergen testing

By on 28 September 2020

Food allergen control is no longer a foreign concept. Since the publication of the labelling regulations (R.146/2010 as amended), the food industry has made many positive strides to master the principles of allergen control.

Whitepaper | The advantages of digital quality checklists for ensuring food safety

By Testo South Africa SANAS Calibration Lab JHB on 26 August 2020

In order to lead and support staff in the implementation of and compliance to food safety, checklists and work instructions help in carrying out the right steps. A good checklist ensures that no process steps are missed out, and at the same time serves as proof of compliance wit

Meet Campylobacter

By SMT LABS Pty Ltd on 24 July 2020

Campylobacter, literally meaning “curved bacteria”, is a gram-negative bacterium with a typical s-shape. This group of motile bacteria are well-known for their ability to cause gastroenteritis

NOSA Testing COVID-19 Surface and Environmental Analysis Capabilities

By on 08 May 2020

As employers prepare to welcome their workforces back to work, concerns about surface and environmental contamination will be top of mind. NOSA Testing Laboratories, an ISO17025 accredited laboratory facility, can help.

Better Safety through Better Science

By on 05 December 2019

In a competitive global food market, manufacturers face increasing challenges to ensure product safety and quality while improving operational efficiency. This is where diagnostic solutions provide the rapid, accurate results you need to maximize productivity, shelf life—and ulti

Food Analysis Laboratories - An Ally for your ROI

By bioMérieux South Africa on 14 November 2019

Investing in food laboratories using advanced technologies for faster, more accurate, and efficient results brings a significant ROI to the operation of food companies. They are are an integral piece of the overall company portfolio.

Are you getting the right “accredited” training to meet the requirements of R638?

By Wouter Conradie of NSF on 28 October 2019

By now you should know that R638 requires the person in charge is suitably qualified or otherwise adequately trained in the principles and practices of food safety and ...

Whitepaper | Temperature Monitoring Insights from Testo

By Testo South Africa SANAS Calibration Lab JHB on 07 October 2019

Do you know your legal requirements for monitoring temperatures according to Regulation 638? Discover this and so much more in this Temperature Monitoring Whitepaper from the experts

The Naked Fruit and Veg Revolution Has Begun

By on 01 October 2019

Globally, retailers and other businesses are beginning to recognise the damaging effects plastics have on the environment. Plastic is full of toxic compounds that are adding to an ever-increasing pollution crisis on land, sea and air and can take centuries to degrade.

New Facts about FACTS

By Linda Jackson on 25 September 2019

The 2019 Biennial SAAFOST congress is a great place to catch up with old friends and we had the chance to touch base with the FACTS family once again. We chatted to Dr Harris Steinman, Carine Davies, Gabrielle Jackson and Dr. Karim Dhanani during a tea break.

Brand Protection of Food and Beverages

By on 10 September 2019

With the onset of new supply chain regulations, the rising cost of recalls and the increase in counterfeit products, food and beverage processors seek brand protection solutions.

Hygienic, effective, environmentally friendly crate washing

By on 12 August 2019

Find out more about PHT's hygienic, effective, and environmentally friendly crate washing solution

Business Standards that Provide Businesses with Tools to Reduce Waste and Save Energy

By on 29 July 2019

A set of business standards is giving food organisations the tools to reduce waste and save energy to minimise the harmful impact they could be having on the environment

Prohibition of Slack Fill in Food Products

By Janusz Luterek of Hahn & Hahn SA (Pty) Ltd on 23 July 2019

In South Africa, under SANS 289, slack fill is defined as "the difference between the actual capacity of the packaging material and the volume of product it contains. Nonfunctional slack fill is the empty space in a prepackage that is filled to less than its capacity.” But is is

Predict and Prevent the Effect of Pathogens by detecting it with the unrivaled VIDAS system

By on 15 July 2019

Are you looking for an automated pathogen detection solution to maxmise your lab's productivity and deliver cost savings?? You've found it with VIDAS.

SMT Labs Testing Services

By on 26 June 2019

Find out how SMT Labs can support your testing needs.

Looking for microbial testing for your food, swabs and water?

By on 01 April 2019

Looking for microbial testing for your food, swabs and water? Look no further - Food Consulting Services can help you tick all the right boxes!

Tips on how to pass your BRC or FSSC Audit

By Debbie Brandt of Progress Excellence on 28 March 2019

Any Quality or Technical Manager will admit that FSMS's do not implement and maintain themselves. It takes hard work, dedication and patience - then a new standard is published, and the goal posts are moved. Here are some tips on how to pass your audit.

Progress Excellence - 14 years of service to the food industry

By Food Focus on 05 March 2019

Food Focus caught up with Debbie Brandt of Progress Excellence this month, and found out a little more about the role this company has played in the food industry.

UV-C disinfects effectively and delivers the added level of protection

By Technilamp Pty Ltd on 21 November 2018

The discovery of Listeriosis in a leading FMCG meat processing company and more recently the Salmonella outbreak in Natal, highlights the continuous threat food companies face in terms of reputational risk and loss of profits should an outbreak occur. So what can you do?

Looking for the “Panda” with Rolf Uys

By Food Focus on 20 August 2018

Rolf Uys is a familiar face of the food safety industry in South Africa. Food Focus caught up with Rolf preparing for one of his legendary inspections.

Webinar | Quackery & Pseudoscience

By Janusz Luterek of Hahn & Hahn SA (Pty) Ltd on 22 November 2017

This is the grey area of food supplements, complementary medicines and the law. But the consumers have rights too, so manufacturers need to beware....

Webinar | Are your Best Before dates lining you up for Liability?

By Janusz Luterek of Hahn & Hahn SA (Pty) Ltd on 30 October 2017

Are your Best Before dates lining you up for Liability? Best before dates, sell by dates, us by dates - are these terms interchangeable? Food safety lawyer, Janusz Luterek explains the difference, and what exactly does all of this mean for the industry when it comes to liability.

You want to be a food safety auditor - what do you need to do?

By Debbie Brandt of Progress Excellence on 15 September 2017

So, you’re thinking about changing your career and exploring the exciting world of the food safety auditor - but where to start? Although Google is a very helpful tool it is practically impossible to find information with a clear qualification process or “map” that shows how to g

Webinar | Live at SAAFoST with Janusz Luterek of Hahn & Hahn

By Janusz Luterek of Hahn & Hahn SA (Pty) Ltd on 07 September 2017

Linda Jackson chatted with Janusz Luterek live at SAAFoST.

Webinar | Supplier Indemnity Agreements & Contracts

By Janusz Luterek of Hahn & Hahn SA (Pty) Ltd on 08 August 2017

Welcome to our webinar series featuring our favourite Legal Eagle - Janusz Luterek. In this webinar Janusz discusses Supplier Indemnity Agreements and Contracts, an area which carries a great deal of risk.

Choosing a Food Safety Consultant

By Food Quality & Safety on 13 June 2017

FSSC 22000/ISO 22000 allows for the use of external experts in the development, documentation, implementation and maintenance of your FSMS. These standards do not define the role of the external expert, you have to do this yourself - but where should you use a consultant? Where c

Upgrade your certification experience today

By on 12 May 2017

View the latest newsletter from Progress Excellence - discover how to upgrade your certification experience today.

Ant Management

By Quality Assurance & Food Safety Mag on 03 April 2017

Keeping ants out of your plant can be seen as a three-stage process starting on the outside of the facility and working inward. “You have to realize that ants need only a tiny little crack to get in,” said Cisse Spragins, CEO, Rockwell Labs.

What do food facility auditors really want?

By Food Safety Tech on 29 March 2017

Third-party audits are critically important to food companies. They are the primary tool your customers use to determine if adequate food safety systems are in place. This article covers some of the strategies and tactics you should employ to maximize your chances of a successful

Finding the Right Registrar (Certification Body)

By ISO Update on 16 March 2017

Organizations that have successfully implemented a management system may choose to seek certification by an independent third party audit from a registrar/certification body (CB). Certification can serve as a valuable tool to add credibility and to demonstrate...

The Story of a Toolbox

By on 07 March 2017

This is not a toolbox talk, this is the real thing. Toolboxes have been in the firing line in the food industry for years because none are very hygienic. Here is the story of how a hygienic toolbox finally came about.

500 New labour inspectors deployed - here are the FIVE things they'll check

By FSP Business on 28 February 2017

Towards the end of 2015, the Department of Labour hired 500 extra labour inspectors in Johannesburg alone. And what's on their agenda? To catch as many companies as possible who aren't complying with the over 70 changes to the labour laws that happened in the last few years!

The difference between workshops and SETA accredited training

By Janice Giddy of Entecom on 17 February 2017

There is still a lot of confusion in the industry regarding the difference between workshops and SETA Accredited training. Companies are often unaware of the benefits of accredited training for their staff. In this article we aim to highlight the differences and ...

Food safety wisdom from the maintenance department

By Pieter de Waal on 08 February 2017

In this article written by our newest contributor, we get some food safety tips from an engineer, one with years and years of experience in the trenches of food companies. Good advice – you should read this and share it with your maintenance colleagues – they will definitely enjo

Poisonous Packaging: Food Legislation that’s been around since 1929

By Linda Jackson on 04 November 2016

What does the law say about your packaging? I get asked the question a lot. So we went to look for you.

What’s in a name - Certification versus accreditation

By Linda Jackson on 30 October 2016

I know Shakespeare said “A rose by another name would be just as sweet” but this is one we have to get right! There is still much incorrect use of the term accreditation in the food industry in the context of food safety and quality systems. The intent of this article is to try a

Coaching Employee Behaviors Part 1

By Food Quality & Safety on 24 October 2016

We spend thousands of rands every year on training employees but often this does not translate into changed behaviour. This series of articles explores what we might be doing wrong. In part 1 we look at some of the failures in training practices and the impact of a company cultur

Coaching Employee Behaviors Part 2

By Food Quality & Safety on 24 October 2016

We spend thousands of rands every year on training employees but often this does not translate into changed behaviour. This series of articles explores what we might be doing wrong. In part 2 we look at the results of some interesting survey that may hold the key for improving th

Modern packaging - food contact means safe to eat?

By Wendy Erasmus on 19 September 2016

We take for granted that the packaging used to protect our food is safe. In this series of articles we will be looking at the potential hazards in packaging and what you as a packaging manufacturer have to do to safeguard the consumer.

Food safety - a bird's eye view

By Samantha Poole on 19 September 2016

Pest bird activity, in any form, could prove to be a real nightmare. The presence of pest birds in or on any building, carries with it a myriad of problems, such as additional maintenance costs, increased noise levels and bird lice/mites, as well as the numerous diseases that cou

Choosing the right pest control provider for your facility

By Food Safety Magazine on 19 September 2016

Pest control should be a priority for any food processing facility. Pest issues can make up 20% of your audit score, so it’s important to have a great pest management plan in place. So how should you choose a provider? Providers take note - this is what the food industry needs fr

Employment Medicals - What you need to know

By Yvette Montalbano on 18 September 2016

So you heard from your friend of a friend that because you are an employer, you need to do medicals on all your staff. And you are thinking that it’s just another scare story. You would be wrong! As an employer, it is your responsibility to reduce risks in the workplace.