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Surface disinfection using germicidal UV-C (GUV) technology

By on 14 August 2019

Meat processing facilities are under constant attack of microorganisms, such as bacteria and mould. The introduction of GUV technology is an economical and chemical-free system that disinfects on a continuous basis, with no additional resources required.

Hygienic, effective, environmentally friendly crate washing

By on 12 August 2019

Find out more about PHT's hygienic, effective, and environmentally friendly crate washing solution

Business Standards that Provide Businesses with Tools to Reduce Waste and Save Energy

By on 29 July 2019

A set of business standards is giving food organisations the tools to reduce waste and save energy to minimise the harmful impact they could be having on the environment

Prohibition of Slack Fill in Food Products

By Janusz Luterek of Hahn & Hahn SA (Pty) Ltd on 23 July 2019

In South Africa, under SANS 289, slack fill is defined as "the difference between the actual capacity of the packaging material and the volume of product it contains. Nonfunctional slack fill is the empty space in a prepackage that is filled to less than its capacity.” But is is

Predict and Prevent the Effect of Pathogens by detecting it with the unrivaled VIDAS system

By on 15 July 2019

Are you looking for an automated pathogen detection solution to maxmise your lab's productivity and deliver cost savings?? You've found it with VIDAS.

Entecom Accredited R638 Training Now Available Online

By on 01 July 2019

With the assistance of our online LMS platform partner, Cumulus Blue, we have managed to uphold the SETA requirements, offering quality video-based training that is practical and engaging, whilst streamlining administrative processes considerably.

SMT Labs Testing Services

By on 26 June 2019

Find out how SMT Labs can support your testing needs.

Looking for microbial testing for your food, swabs and water?

By on 01 April 2019

Looking for microbial testing for your food, swabs and water? Look no further - Food Consulting Services can help you tick all the right boxes!

Tips on how to pass your BRC or FSSC Audit

By Debbie Brandt of Progress Excellence on 28 March 2019

Any Quality or Technical Manager will admit that FSMS's do not implement and maintain themselves. It takes hard work, dedication and patience - then a new standard is published, and the goal posts are moved. Here are some tips on how to pass your audit.

Progress Excellence - 14 years of service to the food industry

By Food Focus on 05 March 2019

Food Focus caught up with Debbie Brandt of Progress Excellence this month, and found out a little more about the role this company has played in the food industry.

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