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WEBINAR | Optimizing your Food and Beverage during Crisis

13 November 2020

View the recording of this webinar on SYSPRO ERP and the benefit it offers in optimizing your food and beverage during a crisis

WEBINAR | Dairy’s New Consumer Culture

13 November 2020

The webinar focussed on the youth of South Africa, Millennials and Generation Z, and how they fit dairy into their busy lives, as well as the change in consumer behaviour and effective communication on social media and TV media.

WEBINAR | CRC - Making parts washing in the food industry safer for employees and the environment

30 October 2020

Making parts washing in the food industry safer for employees, safer for the environment and a sustainable business investment.Make sure you register to see for yourself how this product works and have all your questions answered in this interactive Talk Shop moderated by Linda J

WEBINAR | Medical surveillance requirements for the food industry - the legal requirements

21 October 2020

There has been a lot of discussions during the pandemic about employee health. The newly published regulations place an even greater burden of proof on employers for medical surveillance...

WEBINAR | New product development - during COVID-19 | Stellenbosch University

08 October 2020

Share in the excitement of the new products developed and presented in this webinar by the final year Food Science students. Our apologies for forgetting to mention the winning group. A huge congratulations to the NPD winners, Gear up!

WEBINAR Rapid kits on-site solution for food allergen detection

24 September 2020

In this webinar the FACTS team takes a closer look at the food industry’s responsibilities...

EPR Legislation that WILL change how you handle packaging

23 September 2020

This Extended Producer Responsibility Legislation WILL change how you handle packaging

Women in Compliance and Academia

10 September 2020

Catch the recording as Linda Jackso chats to a number of dynamic women in compliance, including Abigail Smith; Shirleen Thesinger; Elna Buys; Reshmee Beedasie; Lindiwe Mmatladi; Sharon Bolel; and Silnia Badenhorst

WEBINAR | DSA Introduction to dairy labelling

02 September 2020

This webinar will introduce the improved DSA labelling guideline that provides a user friendly and integrated platform for the interpretation of the labelling requirements regarding food safety, product composition and metrology applicable to dairy products.

WEBINAR | Implementing a Food Safety Culture Improvement Intervention

02 September 2020

Join us for two days of practical training on how to assess and approach a food safety culture improvement programme.

CGCSA | Virtual Summit

02 September 2020

The CGCSA annual summit is CGCSA’s flagship event which will for the first time be held on a digital platform due to lockdown restrictions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The theme of this year’s summit is “Uniting the Industry...

Women in Manufacturing

26 August 2020

We chatted to Wendy Erasmus (FS3 Consulting), Jane Russill (Bidfood) Meera Hoosen (PDCA Consulting), Deirdre Langenhoven (Libstar), Jess Kelfkens (Food Science Student) and Najib Salim from RCL Foods and we just know you're going to want to hear what these incredible women have t

WEBINAR | Occupational Safety and Health in Urban Public Workplaces for workers in the Informal Economy

21 August 2020

The National Institute for Occupational Health (NIOH) cordially invites you to a free training webinar aimed at COGTA, SALGA, Local Government Representatives responsible for OHS regulations, OHS Professionals & Advisors and Membership Based Organizations of workers in the inform

Women in Retail

20 August 2020

We chatted to Cindy Jenks - PnP, Alison Pohl - Woolworths, Matlou Setati -FSI:CGCSA and Dr Dharmarai Naicker - CSIR, and were inspired by these great women, and we just know that you are going to want to hear their stories too.

Women's Month Webinars

13 August 2020

In August we're celebrating women! Linda Jackson will be chatting to some of the many women that make the food industry as vibrant and diverse as it is. Grab your coffee and come be inspired about what it means to be a woman in food, and how to make a difference!

WEBINAR | Compensation for workplace acquired COVID 19: A practical approach

12 August 2020

The National Institute for Occupational Health (NIOH) cordially invites you to a free training webinar aimed at Occupational Medical & Nursing Practitioners, Employees, Employers & Management, OHS Professionals & Advisors, OHS Practitioners, Trade Union Representatives, SHE Repre

Webinar | Food Focus chats to the National Contract Cleaners Association

14 July 2020

Friday Fundamentals - Food Focus chatted to the National Contract Cleaners Association about COVID 19 and cleaning

WEBINAR | How to convey confidence after Covid-19. Checked by NSF™

06 July 2020

View this webinar recording as the NSF Africa team introduce their Checked by NSF™ programme and explain how you can go about getting your business or organisation ready to welcome customers back safely and successfully.

WEBINAR | COVID-19 Workplace health risk assessment and PPE effectiveness

05 July 2020

The National Institute for Occupational Health (NIOH) cordially invites you to a free training webinar aimed at Employers, & Management, OHS Professionals & Advisors, OHS Practitioners, Trade Union Representatives, SHE Representatives, Wellness Coordinators & HR Representatives o

WEBINAR | NIOH: Return to Work Post COVID-19

05 July 2020

The National Institute for Occupational Health (NIOH) cordially invites you to a free training webinar aimed at Employers, & Management, OHS Professionals & Advisors, OHS Practitioners, Trade Union Representatives, SHE Representatives, Wellness Coordinators & HR Representatives o

WEBINAR | Understanding and Improving your Culture of Food Safety

01 July 2020

Catch the recording of this webinar, sponsored by the BSi, as Linda Jackson chatted to Dr Lone Jespersen about the impact of a mature food safety and quality culture on business performance and how you move from checking food safety boxes to change.

Webinar Wednesday | How should you clean and sanitise for COVID19

12 June 2020

Schools are opening, shops are welcoming customers and the numbers of infections are increasing. What o do? We tackled the issue with experts, and you can find the recording here.

World Food Safety Day - Another Week of Webinars

05 June 2020

The food industry continues to celebrate the topic of food safety, and so we're bringing you another week of webinars happening in the week following World Safety Day on the 7th June

World Accreditation Day - Improving Food Safety

05 June 2020

World Accreditation Day 2020 is focusing on the theme of Improving Food Safety - join this webinar with SANAS and Business Day Dialogues to hear more on this topic.

Team up for safety - Building a food safety culture

04 June 2020

View the recording of the benefits that building a strong team can have on the food safety culture of your organisation - this webinar formed part of the World Food Safety Day activities that were held in South Africa in June 2020

World Food Safety Day - A Week of Webinars

04 June 2020

World Food Safety Day 2020 is the 7th June and the theme is Food Safety, Everyone's Business. Here's a week full of webinars for you in the week

Eat it Safe - Waste meets Welfare

03 June 2020

World Food Safety Day will be celebrated on 7 June. As part of the week-long programme, we will be looking how some organisations are making a difference in their community - and reducing food waste too!

Eat it Safe - Food Safety in the Restaurant Industry

02 June 2020

World Food Safety Day will be celebrated on 7 June. As part of the week-long programme, we will be looking at the responsibility that restaurants have when it comes to food safety.

Grow it Safe - The Role of Primary Producers

02 June 2020

Recording now available | FOOD SAFETY WEEK | Grow it Safe - The role that agriculture and food producers play in food safety

Ensure it's safe - Governments must ensure safe and nutritious food for all

01 June 2020

Webinar Recording | Ensure it’s safe - Governments must ensure safe and nutritious food for all

Webinar | An update on the processed meat legislation with Hahn & Hahn

13 May 2020

There has been a lot of change in the legal landscape in South Africa for processed meat products, with new compositional and food safety requirements promulgated since the Listeriosis outbreak. Today we have an expert sharing the facts with us.

Webinar | The role of surface swabbing during COVID-19

13 May 2020

View this recording on the cleaning of surfaces during this COVID 19 pandemic and much debate about sanitisers, the efficacy of these and now the introduction of surface swabbing.

How to tackle digital transformation in your food business

11 May 2020

View this Recording | With the COVID 19 pandemic ongoing and many industries still in lockdown, many of us have explored the digital options in an attempt to continue with business, But for true Digital Transformation.

WEBINAR | COVID and Food Safety Culture

08 May 2020

We chatted to Professor Ryk Lues of CUT and a partner in www.foodsafetyculture.co.za about how we can make this work for us in creating a stronger positive food safety culture going forward.

Webinar Wednesdays - Upcoming Features

29 April 2020

From this month you can join us every week for #webinarwednesday - topics relevant to the current challenges of the food industry!

WEBINAR | What to do to resume work activities in the food industry after a positive for Covid-19

23 April 2020

Watch the recording on what requirements that you should consider if you have an employee that tests positive for COVID-19.

WEBINAR |How COVID-19 presents vulnerabilities for the food supply chain

17 April 2020

While our attention is focussed on the COVID-19 crisis, could we be even more vulnerable to food fraud than ever before? With shortages of ingredients, lack of resources and the impact on global trade, this is certainly not the time to lower our guard.

Webinar | Force majeure - what will you do if you can't supply due to COVID-19?

16 April 2020

We chat to Jaco Hamman from Hahn & Hahn about the contract between a supplier and a customer such as a retailer.

Webinar | We talk COVID 19 and R638 with Janusz Luterek from Hahn & Hahn

15 April 2020

The pandemic is having an impact on every food business in South Africa. As a provider of essential goods, food businesses are "business as usual" during the lockdown.

WHO COVID-19 Webinars (9-13 March 2020)

10 March 2020

A key component of epidemic and pandemic preparedness is ensuring systems are in place for real-time information to flow from a trusted source to the people at risk. Join these targeted webinars for accurate information from the WHO.

Webinar | Talking to Directorate of Food Control about Regulation 638

21 October 2019

View our exclusive interview, live with Ms. Penny Campbell, the Director of Food Control, Department of Health, as she shares with us on the intention and interpretation of Regulation 638.

Webinar | Anticipating & Managing Food Fraud - we chatted to FACTS

15 October 2019

Did you miss the FACTS webinar on how to anticipate and manage Food Fraud through horizon scanning and using analysis as a tool for managing vulnerabilities? Watch the recording here.

Webinar | Food Safety Webinar Seminar Series for Tsogo Sun Hotels Suppliers

09 October 2019

Food safety is a vital business requirement to ensure our guests have the best possible food experience. As a supplier you are key to this success. These webinars form part of our food safety initiatives and ensure you understand our new processes and mutual legal requirements.

Webinar | Managing inventory to reduce food waste and increase your profits

23 August 2019

We chatted to Doug Hunter of SYSPRO-Africa about how technology can assist with managing your inventory effectively and curbing food waste that may also be eating into profit margins. Watch the recording now

Webinar | Using Ultra violet light for microbial sterilization - a clean, cheap and effective alternative

13 August 2019

In this webinar recording, Hylton Cowie, Managing Director of Technilamp, shares the wealth of knowledge gained over his 25 years in the UV sterilisation industry, and looks at the benefits of UV in the food industry.

Webinar | How safe is your compressed air - we asked the experts

13 August 2019

Linda Jackson chatted with Patrick Dolz, the Managing Director of CS Instruments about the hazards associated with compressed air and how you can ensure you are protected. This offers good insights for the maintenance managers.

Webinar | The ABC's of IP - Who is stealing your food industry trade secrets from under your nose?

13 August 2019

From copyright to trademark, you should be aware of your IP, how this impacts your business and where you are at risk of losing your most valuable assets. Watch the recording now.

Webinar | Using technology to implement effective traceability

11 August 2019

Did you miss this webinar, as Food Focus chatted to Traceability Guru, Mr Marking and world authority on Marking, Identification, Traceability and Authentication, Kyle Parker? Well, now you can view the recording.

Webinar | Microbiological trouble shooting – What to do when you get a positive result

25 July 2019

What to do when you get a positive result on your foodmicro testing? Listen to this recording of the Microbiological Trouble Shooting Webinar featuring Food Consulting Services

PODCAST | Discussing Certificates of Acceptability with the Local EHPs

18 July 2019

Food Focus had the opportunity to chat to two experienced environmental health practitioners from the City of Ekurhuleni on the topic of Certificates of Acceptability. Find out what they had to say in this short podcast.

Webinar | Using technology to improve your good distribution practices

27 June 2019

Doug Hunter of SYSPRO-Africa chatted with us on how technology can assist you with your good distribution practices, more critical than ever now that the new legal requirements for traceability included in Regulation 638 of 2018 put a focus on the distribution channel.

Webinar | Product life cycle management - how to get the most out of your products

11 June 2019

If you weren't able to join this Product life cycle management webinar live, you can catch up on all the valuable info in the recording.

Webinar | Will your traceability system meet the requirements of R638?

03 April 2019

Join Food Focus as we chat to Deirdre Fryer of SYSPRO about the new legal requirements for traceability now included in Regulation 638 of 2018. She will share practical insights into the requirements and how these can be addressed in any size food handling business.

Webinar | Will your food fraud vulnerability assessment pass an FSSC 22000 audit?

04 February 2019

Food Fraud expert Karen Everstine, Ph.D., takes us on a step-by-step journey through the process of “VACCP”.

Webinar | Will your nonfood chemicals pass an audit?

20 November 2018

We have spent a lot of time talking about biological hazards such as Listeria monocytogenes this year. But your HACCP system needs to consider others too. Download this webinar to hear about the hazards associated with non-food chemicals you have in your facilities such as lubric

Webinar | Personal Liability

11 September 2018

View this webinar recording of Janusz Luterek as he chats with Food Focus about Personal Liability - who pays the food safety price.

Webinar | Food Safety Culture

06 August 2018

What lies beyond the systems and strategies that your organisation uses to manage food safety? Could there be something that we have missed? Hear from our panel as we discuss the relevance of food safety culture.

Webinar | R638 Recording - What you need to know

13 July 2018

R962 has been replaced by R638 - if you missed it, you can view this webinar now, and discover what the implications of this will be for your business.

Webinar | Trade Secrets, IP and New Product Development

14 June 2018

The issue of trade secrets, confidential information, and whether to seek patent protection when new products are developed is a thorny one...

Webinar | Listeriosis in South Africa - Lessons Learned

11 June 2018

In this webinar recording, Peter Embarek from the WHO and Henk C. den Bakker from the University of Georgia review the South African listeriosis outbreak in detail and share lessons learned.

Webinar | Implementing water saving measures in your food facility

29 January 2018

How does a company implement water saving measures, is the government involved in this, how do you get your team on board with water saving measures, what are the challenges and the risks? All of these are questions which are increasingly important for food facilities in the curr

Webinar | Listeria and the Law 23 Jan

24 January 2018

South Africa’s listeriosis outbreak has now topped the charts as the largest outbreak in history. So we once again chatted with our resident Legal Eagle, Janusz Luterek on the legal aspects of this for the food industry.

Webinar | Listeria and the Law

08 December 2017

If you missed our webinar with Legal Eagle, Janusz Luterek, discussing the legal ramifications of listeria, you can watch the replay here.

Webinar | Your perspective on Listeria

08 December 2017

In our recent webinar a lot of questions and comments were raised. So here is some of your thoughts about Listeria...

Webinar | Quackery & Pseudoscience

22 November 2017

This is the grey area of food supplements, complementary medicines and the law. But the consumers have rights too, so manufacturers need to beware....

Webinar | Are your Best Before dates lining you up for Liability?

30 October 2017

Are your Best Before dates lining you up for Liability? Best before dates, sell by dates, us by dates - are these terms interchangeable? Food safety lawyer, Janusz Luterek explains the difference, and what exactly does all of this mean for the industry when it comes to liability.

Webinar | Live at SAAFoST with Janusz Luterek of Hahn & Hahn

07 September 2017

Linda Jackson chatted with Janusz Luterek live at SAAFoST.

Webinar | Supplier Indemnity Agreements & Contracts

08 August 2017

Welcome to our webinar series featuring our favourite Legal Eagle - Janusz Luterek. In this webinar Janusz discusses Supplier Indemnity Agreements and Contracts, an area which carries a great deal of risk.