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Webinar | Will your traceability system meet the requirements of R638?

03 April 2019

Join Food Focus as we chat to Deirdre Fryer of SYSPRO about the new legal requirements for traceability now included in Regulation 638 of 2018. She will share practical insights into the requirements and how these can be addressed in any size food handling business.

Webinar | Will your food fraud vulnerability assessment pass an FSSC 22000 audit?

04 February 2019

Food Fraud expert Karen Everstine, Ph.D., takes us on a step-by-step journey through the process of “VACCP”.

Webinar | Will your nonfood chemicals pass an audit?

20 November 2018

We have spent a lot of time talking about biological hazards such as Listeria monocytogenes this year. But your HACCP system needs to consider others too. Download this webinar to hear about the hazards associated with non-food chemicals you have in your facilities such as lubric

Webinar | Personal Liability

11 September 2018

View this webinar recording of Janusz Luterek as he chats with Food Focus about Personal Liability - who pays the food safety price.

Webinar | Food Safety Culture

06 August 2018

What lies beyond the systems and strategies that your organisation uses to manage food safety? Could there be something that we have missed? Hear from our panel as we discuss the relevance of food safety culture.

Webinar | R638 Recording - What you need to know

13 July 2018

R962 has been replaced by R638 - if you missed it, you can view this webinar now, and discover what the implications of this will be for your business.

Webinar | Trade Secrets, IP and New Product Development

14 June 2018

The issue of trade secrets, confidential information, and whether to seek patent protection when new products are developed is a thorny one...

Webinar | Listeriosis in South Africa - Lessons Learned

11 June 2018

In this webinar recording, Peter Embarek from the WHO and Henk C. den Bakker from the University of Georgia review the South African listeriosis outbreak in detail and share lessons learned.

Webinar | Implementing water saving measures in your food facility

29 January 2018

How does a company implement water saving measures, is the government involved in this, how do you get your team on board with water saving measures, what are the challenges and the risks? All of these are questions which are increasingly important for food facilities in the curr

Webinar | Listeria and the Law 23 Jan

24 January 2018

South Africa’s listeriosis outbreak has now topped the charts as the largest outbreak in history. So we once again chatted with our resident Legal Eagle, Janusz Luterek on the legal aspects of this for the food industry.

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