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WEBINAR | Food Fraud: Corrective action and traceability - with Intertek

By Food Focus on 14 June 2022

VIEW THE RECORDING | As it is World Food Safety month, we will be focusing on Food fraud. Guest speaker Rika Kemp goes into more detail on the corrective action and traceability in Food Fraud.

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WEBINAR | Mycotoxins in dairy: Know your risk

By Food Focus on 02 June 2022

VIEW THE RECORDING | The diet of a dairy cow is complex, being composed of various raw materials – what is the mycotoxin risk of these diets, and which raw materials carry the highest risk? What impact do these mycotoxins have on dairy cows

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WEBINAR | The prudent use of antibiotics

By Food Focus on 29 April 2022

VIEW THE RECORDING | Join us for this webinar on the prudent use of antibiotics

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WEBINAR | Biosecurity on dairy farms

By Food Focus on 06 April 2022

VIEW THE RECORDING: When people mention biosecurity, they almost always use the poultry and pig farms as the ideal model. Those systems work well for an enclosed piggery or poultry house, but it is impractical for a 200 hectare open grazing

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WEBINAR | Get to know DSA better while exploring what’s new on the dairy regulatory front

By Food Focus on 21 February 2022

VIEW THE RECORDING | The DSA needs no formal introduction, but how well do you know this company and the major role it plays in the dairy industry? This webinar is an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with this established company and

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WEBINAR | Cybersecurity for food safety - are you prepared?

By Food Focus on 11 January 2022

VIEW THE RECORDING | According to a recent Interpol report, cybercrime cost the South African economy 573 million USD in 2016 alone. Large businesses are not the only targets and almost half of known attacks are targeting small businesses a

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Packaging: A Journey to Sustainability

By Food Focus on 11 November 2021

VIEW THE RECORDING | With the recently implemented legislation requiring increased sustainability measures on all packaging, it not only forces manufacturers to comply but also requires forward & innovative thinking on a strategic packaging

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Talk Shop | Building Consumer Trust in the Vegan and Vegetarian Markets

By Food Focus on 26 October 2021

VIEW THE RECORDING | Increasing consumer awareness of health, animal welfare and environmental issues has driven the rapid growth in the consumption of vegan and vegetarian foods.

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Webinar | DSA 10: Dairy Packaging & Labelling

By on 25 October 2021

VIEW THE RECORDING | It’s a wrap… we’ve come to the end of Dairy Standard Agency’s series of insightful monthly webinars for 2021. To round off the topics on the ins and outs of the local dairy industry, dairy packaging & labeling was explo

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WEBINAR | DSA - Importance of the dairy cold chain

By Food Focus on 04 October 2021

VIEW THE RECORDING | The purpose of this presentation is to bring more clarity on the basic principles of efficient milk cooling, milk hygiene and quality, cooling technologies and calibration of thermometers.

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TALK SHOP | Digitalization of Food Safety

By Food Focus on 08 September 2021

VIEW THE RECORDING | The digital quality management system for food safety of the future

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WEBINAR | DSA - Cleaning & Sanitising in the Dairy Industry

By Food Focus on 30 August 2021

VIEW THE RECORDING | In today's competitive and challenging times, a credible chemical supplier has a role far beyond the simple supply of cleaning and sanitation chemicals.

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How to manage grief and trauma in the South African workplace

By Food Focus on 04 August 2021

VIEW THE RECORDING | This event look at how to manage the effects of the last 18 months on the worksforce and provides practical guidance on how to support your teams.

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WEBINAR | DSA Laboratory Tests

By Food Focus on 21 July 2021

VIEW THE RECORDING | The Dairy Standard Agency’s primary objective is promoting compliance of milk and other dairy products with product composition, food safety and metrology standards.

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Africa Food Safety Workshop 2021

By Food Focus on 09 July 2021

VIEW THE RECORDING AND PRESENTATIONS: from the NMISA / FAO / IAEA / AFoSaN virtual Africa Food Safety Workshop 2021

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WEBINAR | Sampling of milk in the trade

By Food Focus on 22 June 2021

VIEW THE RECORDING: After numerous requests, the DSA included the topic of sampling. For the benefit of especially the Environmental Health Practitioners, the focus will be on the sampling of milk in the trade.

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WEBINAR | Purpose in a Time of Turmoil

By Food Focus on 22 June 2021

VIEW THE RECORDING: COVID-19 has made sure life is no longer quite the same. In this webinar, phenomena representative of the turmoil we find ourselves in and how conducting business with a clear purpose can contribute to a better normal wi

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TALK SHOP | Use artificial intelligence to improve your lab productivity

By Food Focus on 17 June 2021

VIEW THE RECORDING: At this special Talk Shop to learn more about how using onboard fixed artificial intelligence (AI) can assist you in the enumeration of Petrifilm Plate as well as increase your lab productivity.

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WEBINAR | Introductory to Pasteurisation

By Food Focus on 01 June 2021

VIEW THE RECORDING: Pasteurisation of milk ensures safety for human consumption. Pro-raw milk advocate organisations continue to promote raw milk as "nature's perfect food." To pasteurise or not…will remain a hot topic!

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FRIDAY FOOD SAFETY FUNDAMENTALS | Pest control round table

By Food Focus on 21 May 2021

VIEW THE RECORDING: We chatted to Bradley Snow from The Specialist Group about some important tips for your pest control program. Hear it from a professional.

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