RECORDING I DSA - Dairy calf welfare - Trends, suggestions and solutions

By Dairy Standard Agency on 17 July 2024

“If we want people to still be drinking real milk in 20 or 30 years, we need to give them a reason to drink milk, not just shoot down their reasons not to drink it.” – Canadian Dairy Farmer 2022.

Ignore the trends in dairy calf welfare at your own peril. There is a disconnect between how the public perceive calves are treated on dairy farms and the reality of how calves are treated. Specifically with regards to calf separation shortly after birth, housing, feeding and pain management. This talk focused on the international trends in calf welfare and the challenges and suggested solutions facing dairy farmers to meet public expectations.



Dr Mark Chimes qualified as a veterinarian at Onderstepoort, Veterinary Faculty, University of Pretoria in 1986.

After 30 years in private practice, he joined Deltamune Laboratory as their ruminant technical advisor regarding the vaccines and laboratory tests they offered.

In 2016 Dr Chimes joined the Dairy Standard Agency as a milk parlour auditor to assist farmers to comply with dairy quality and safety standards. He visits 80 to 120 dairy farms a year and as a result has developed an intimate knowledge of the various dairy farm management and production systems.

In 2022 Dr Chimes was appointed as the manager of the Animal Health & Welfare Program of Milk South Africa where he also acts as veterinary advisor.

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