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Welcome to our Legal Eagle page, which will address the latest and most critical issues to impact the food industry, courtesy of Janusz Luterek, of Hahn and Hahn. You will also be able to sign up for regular webinars featuring Janusz live - and have the chance to hear it straight from the "lawyer's mouth". See below for some pertinent articles on legal issues, and the Legal Eagle series of Webinars.

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Patenting Your New Food Ingredients and Products

By Janusz Luterek on 05 February 2019

Companies spend a lot of time and money to develop new ingredients and new food products but unless they are protected, they are sure to be copied - so what can be done about this?

APS Act Dispensations - What, Why, How and Legalities

By Janusz Luterek on 29 January 2019

On 29 January 2019 the dispensation in respect of R 260 was rescinded with an ominous statement:.. Janusz Luterek looks at the implications of this situation and the law surrounding dispensations.

Webinar | Personal Liability

By Janusz Luterek on 11 September 2018

View this webinar recording of Janusz Luterek as he chats with Food Focus about Personal Liability - who pays the food safety price.

What are the main differences between R638 and R962?

By Janusz Luterek on 03 August 2018

Your handy guide to the major differences between R638 and R962 courtesy of Janusz Luterek of Hahn & Hahn Attorneys

Webinar | R638 Recording - What you need to know

By Food Focus on 13 July 2018

R962 has been replaced by R638 - if you missed it, you can view this webinar now, and discover what the implications of this will be for your business.

Webinar | Trade Secrets, IP and New Product Development

By Janusz Luterek on 14 June 2018

The issue of trade secrets, confidential information, and whether to seek patent protection when new products are developed is a thorny one...

Webinar | Listeria and the Law 23 Jan

By Food Focus on 24 January 2018

South Africa’s listeriosis outbreak has now topped the charts as the largest outbreak in history. So we once again chatted with our resident Legal Eagle, Janusz Luterek on the legal aspects of this for the food industry.

Webinar | Quackery & Pseudoscience

By Food Focus on 22 November 2017

This is the grey area of food supplements, complementary medicines and the law. But the consumers have rights too, so manufacturers need to beware....

Webinar | Are your Best Before dates lining you up for Liability?

By Janusz Luterek on 30 October 2017

Are your Best Before dates lining you up for Liability? Best before dates, sell by dates, us by dates - are these terms interchangeable? Food safety lawyer, Janusz Luterek explains the difference, and what exactly does all of this mean for the industry when it comes to liability.

Webinar | Live at SAAFoST

By Janusz Luterek on 07 September 2017

Linda Jackson chatted with Janusz Luterek live at SAAFoST.

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