About us

Hello, and welcome to Food Focus, where we believe in doing things "the right way".

So who are we?

Linda Jackson, Adele Krogh and Bridget Day - and if you have been in the local food industry for a while, chances are that you have met us, been trained or audited by us, or read something that we have written for the food sector.


Our objective is to help find the answers to your compliance issues by providing you with a hub of information with recognized experts and service providers. We hope to inspire you to comply!

How did it all start?

It began as a friendship, a meeting of the minds; with a shared passion for the food industry and the need to make a difference. We have tried to do this in a few different ways during our careers – training, consulting, auditing.  But we always met with the same limitation – we can only be in one place at one time.


"Food Focus changes that for us.
We can connect people to people,
people to information, and problems
to sector-specific solutions." 


We have always wanted to help our clients do the right things. Making food safely, keeping employees safe and building the right culture, to being responsible corporate citizens and minimising any impact on our natural environment. It's always been about compliance for us and conformance to standards.

Where are we going?

We no longer see these things as separate compliance issues – they are all linked. Our goal is to provide a single platform where we can talk about all of these issues and connect the dots. This way we hope to help you implement effective systems that will meet audit requirements, but more importantly will support your business strategy.


We obviously don't know everything about everything - but that's okay, because we are good at digging up answers, researching, and reaching out to the people who do have the answers.  Our objective is to help find the solutions to your compliance issues by providing a hub of information drawing on the experience of recognized experts and service providers.


We'd love to have you join us on this journey, so sign up for our newsletter, or feel free to add a post in our online forum. We'd really love to hear from you.


Our Press Release

Download Food Focus Launch Press Release OCT2016.pdf