About us

Welcome to Food Focus, where we believe in doing things "the right way". 

Who are we?

Food Focus was launched in 2016, with the objective to help find you find answers to your compliance issues by creating a hub of information with recognized experts and service providers. 

Owned and managed by Adele Krogh, and Bridget Day our goal is to inspire (and empower) people to achieve better food compliance. 

"We connect people to people, people to information,
and problems 
to sector-specific solutions." 


How do we aim to help?

We have always wanted to help the food industry do the right things. Making food safely, keeping employees safe, and building the right culture, being responsible corporate citizens and minimising any impact on our natural environment. It's always been about compliance for us and the people who make it happen.

We no longer see these things as separate compliance issues – they are all linked. Our goal is to provide a single platform where we can talk about all these issues and find the answers to doing it well. By this, we hope to help you implement effective systems that will meet audit requirements but more importantly will support your business strategy.

We obviously don't know everything about everything - but that's okay because we are good at digging up answers, researching, and reaching out to the people who do have the answers.  One of our key business values is collaboration - we believe in working together with industry, regulators, academia, and with service providers - we are all vital parts of the connected food industry.

Our growth

Food Focus has grown significantly since our small beginnings. In 2018 we started developing our Food Safety Culture Assessment in order to help the industry discover how to focus on this intangible but necessary concept. In 2019 we added a trade magazine, Food & Beverage Reporter, to our ranks, and in 2020 we developed Foodemy Training Directory, in response to the need for the industry to easily source training, despite the restrictions of the pandemic. 

We survived COVID, and during that time we also launched the annual Food Safety Summit SA in collaboration with Lucia Anelich, which is now in its 4th year.

 If you need to chat with us about anything or share some news,
you are welcome to drop us a line: