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Webinar | Anticipating & Managing Food Fraud - we chat to FACTS

By Food Focus on 15 October 2019

Join FACTS as they discuss with us how you can anticipate and manage Food Fraud through horizon scanning and using analysis as a tool for managing vulnerabilities.

No Listeriosis Outbreak says NICD

By Food Focus on 15 October 2019

Despite some fears that listeriosis figures are rising again, the NICD has indicated that there is not evidence of an outbreak, and figures are actually below the expected range.

The Future of Auditing and the 4 steps of Food Safety Systems

By Nuno F. Soares on 14 October 2019

Who hasn’t felt nervous before an audit? There is so much pressure today on food safety professionals to accomplish successfully audits, especially when we have a big client requiring it or a Certification Body doing it. Most of us neglect the fact that audits should be perceived

Transporting your food - the dangers lurking in your lunch box

By Linda Jackson on 14 October 2019

Sitting in the aisle seat means you have a great view of what people are bringing onboard a plane... and it's surprising to see the number of cooler bags containing food!

Whitepaper | Temperature Monitoring Insights from Testo

By Testo South Africa SANAS Calibration Lab JHB on 07 October 2019

Do you know your legal requirements for monitoring temperatures according to Regulation 638? Discover this and so much more in this Temperature Monitoring Whitepaper from the experts

Draft SANS 10330 Ed3 Available for Comment

By Food Focus on 07 October 2019

Please note that the DSS document, SANS 10330 Requirements for a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system is available for comment

Webinar | Talking to the Directorate of Food Control about Regulation R638

By Food Focus on 03 October 2019

In this exclusive interview we go live with Ms. Penny Campbell, the Director of Food Control, Department of Health, to chat about the intention and interpretation of the regulation.

One person can make a difference in food safety

By Linda Jackson on 03 October 2019

“The path to food safety is not a straight way, nor is it an easy one apparently but when it is your passion, it is worth the pain and patience”. This is according to Sinawo Mzinga.

Implementation of the Processed Meat Compulsory Specification

By Food Focus on 30 September 2019

A Compulsory Specification for Processed Meat Products VC 9100 was published by the Minister of Trade and Industry as per Government Gazette No.42628 Notice No. 1058 of 08 August 2019. This Compulsory Specification is effective from 8 October 2019.

Defrosting done right - what you need to know

By PHT South Africa on 25 September 2019

Whether you prepare food for your family or run a food service, defrosting meat the right way is critical. Deléne Boshoff of PHT South Africa explains why and shares advice for doing defrosting right.

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