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What is fake honey and why didn’t the official tests pick it up?

By Guest Author on 05 September 2018

Australia has been rocked this week by reports that many products labelled as honey are actually fake or “adulterated” honey.Capilano, Australia’s largest honey producer, has been accused of selling products mixed with cheaper syrups.

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Some insight into Food Fraud

By Guest Author on 04 September 2018

Food Fraud is not something new and has been reported since the 1820’s. What is new is the scale and lengths to which people will go to commit this fraud for their own financial gain. This is why food fraud is also known as EMA or economically motivated adulteration. It is all ab

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Listeriosis outbreak officially over says Motsoaledi

By Food Focus on 03 September 2018

Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi has announced that the country's listeriosis outbreak is officially over.

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Media Statement by The Minister Health on Listeriosis Outbreak

By Food Focus on 03 September 2018

Media Statement by The Minister Health on Listeriosis Outbreak - which has now officially been declared as over.

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Research Takes Aim at Minimizing Impacts of Listeria

By Guest Author on 30 August 2018

Research and new technologies are striving to minimize the impacts of the relentless lurker that is Listeria.

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What is so critical about your crisis management plan?

By Ulli Gerntholtz of NSF on 24 August 2018

In my experience, many recall procedures have been written to tick an audit box but in reality, they are not worth the paper they are written on. Here are some of my best tips given my many years of dealing with food recalls in South Africa.

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Looking for the “Panda” with Rolf Uys

By Food Focus on 20 August 2018

Rolf Uys is a familiar face of the food safety industry in South Africa. Food Focus caught up with Rolf preparing for one of his legendary inspections.

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Hygiene is in the Eye of the Beholder. A Case for Auditor Diversity!

By Guest Author on 16 August 2018

Two auditors, from two organisations, with two different standards rated the same restaurant. The result: a 4 star and a 1 star rating! Much like beauty, hygiene will always be in the eye of the beholder!

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ISO 22000:2018 - what's new (Part 2)

By Guest Author on 07 August 2018

This article is the second about the new ISO 22000:2018 published recently (19/06/2018). If you have not yet read the first article, please check it out in: In the present article we share our vision about the changes in clauses 4, 5, 6 and 7. Part

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Webinar | Food Safety Culture

By Food Focus on 06 August 2018

What lies beyond the systems and strategies that your organisation uses to manage food safety? Could there be something that we have missed? Hear from our panel as we discuss the relevance of food safety culture.

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Training – please step forward if you are the person in charge!

By Linda Jackson on 01 August 2018

The new R638 has brand new and fairly onerous requirements related to training. (I have to own up and admit that I lobbied for these changes several years ago in an attempt to improve the status of food safety training in the country.)

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Harmonizing Produce Safety Standards Relieves Audit Fatigue

By Guest Author on 22 July 2018

The USDA and FDA on June 5 aligned the USDA Harmonized GAP audit with the FDA’s Produce Safety Rule to both streamline audits for farmers and assure them that private audits are consistent with federal produce safety rules.

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SURVEY | Crisis Management in Food Establishments

By Bridget Day on 19 July 2018

We are gathering insight on crisis management, and we'd like to find out if you have ever had to deal with a foodborne illness outbreak at your food establishment, and if so, what was your response. The survey is anonymous, and we'd value your feedback.

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International registration for your cleaning products – now a reality in South Africa.

By Ulli Gerntholtz of NSF on 18 July 2018

Ever wonder if the cleaners you are using in your food or production facility are safe? This article will help you understand what to look for when sourcing chemicals. We explain product registration (how it works and why it is an important component of a food safety program), th

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ISO 22000:2018 - what's new (Part 1)

By Guest Author on 17 July 2018

The new version of the standard (ISO 22000:2018) has significant amendments and therefore cannot be presented in a single article. This first one presents considerations about the changes regarding standard structure, introduction, and clause 3 (Terms and definitions).

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Woolworths recall rice mix due to listeria risk

By Bridget Day on 10 July 2018

Woolworths has issued a recall on their Frozen Savoury Rice Mix product, as a result of a global recall initiated by the Hungarian Food Safety Agency.

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Food Safety Groups Urge FDA to Designate Leafy Greens as High-Risk

By Guest Author on 03 July 2018

Over 58 percent of Listeria, 51 percent of E. coli O157, 46 percent of Salmonella, and 33 percent of Campylobacter foodborne cases are associated with produce, according to a recent Interagency Food Safety Analytics Collaboration report, but such crops are not considered a high-r

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Study: Fruit Flies Can Spread Foodborne Pathogens

By Guest Author on 03 July 2018

New research published in the Journal of Food Protection shows that fruit flies are capable of spreading illness—inducing bacterial pathogens to both food and food preparation surfaces. Prior to the study, fruit flies were simply viewed as a nuisance at food-handling establishmen

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The dangers of a raw food pet diet - for you and for them

By Linda Jackson on 29 June 2018

Raw food pet diets are becoming an increasing trend, but their health claims are unsubstantiated say veterinary professionals, and may even be harmful. A recent chat with a vet shone a whole new light on the dangers of feeding raw food to your pets - both for you and for them.

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Handwashing - the law according to R638

By Bridget Day on 22 June 2018

Hand hygiene remains a critical issue. Many studies and reports indicate that food handlers play a significant role in the spread of foodborne illnesses, through contamination during handling, much of which could be avoided by better hand hygiene

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