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ISO 22000:2018 now out

By Food Focus on 21 June 2018

The new 2018 edition of ISO 22000 is now out! The new standard offers a dynamic control of food safety hazards combining the following generally recognized key elements: interactive communication, systems management, Prerequisite Programmes (PRPs), and the principles of Hazard An

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Listeria Guidance & Best Practices in Produce Facilities

By Guest Author on 18 June 2018

Many processors and fresh-cut organizations are taking some of the learnings from the meat industry, realizing that pathogens such as Listeria don’t really discriminate between meat and produce. The learnings from our food “cousins” in the meat industry regarding environmental Li

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Research Check: can tea towels cause food poisoning?

By Guest Author on 15 June 2018

Aside from being up to the task of drying our dishes, we don’t usually give the humble tea towel much thought. But now it’s being blamed for causing food poisoning

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Incident Management Team SOP and Checklist for food handling facilities

By Food Focus on 14 June 2018

Have you seen the latest news - as a result of the Listeriosis outbreak, an Incident management team has been put into place. As part of this plan, the EHP’s will be visiting and inspecting food facilities using this checklist. Find out more...

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NICD Listeriosis Resources

By Food Focus on 12 June 2018

The NICD made a LOAD of information available to the entire food chain in recent weeks.  Have a look at some of the information that can assist you in being managing your risks.

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Webinar | Listeriosis in South Africa - Lessons Learned

By Food Focus on 11 June 2018

In this webinar recording, Peter Embarek from the WHO and Henk C. den Bakker from the University of Georgia review the South African listeriosis outbreak in detail and share lessons learned.

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Environmental Health Department Contacts

By Food Focus on 23 May 2018

Looking for contact details of Environmental Health Practitioners at your municipality in connection with a Certificate of Acceptability? We don't have them all, but here is what we could find!

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Food Fraud Requires Companies to Think Like a Criminal

By Guest Author on 21 May 2018

Mitigating the risk requires implementing control measures and establishing traceability systems.

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USDA Called Out to Take More Action in Reducing Pathogens

By Guest Author on 21 May 2018

According to a 2011 CDC estimate, every year one in six Americans is sickened as a result of eating contaminated food, and foodborne pathogens cause more than 9 million human illnesses (including 2 million cases from Salmonella and Campylobacter alone).

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Food safety: are the sniff test, the five-second rule and rare burgers safe?

By Guest Author on 16 May 2018

There are many rules in food safety lore, some that have a basis in fact, and some that are purely grounded in convenience. But it’s important to look at the evidence to see which category common rules fall under.

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Testing food safety with passion

By Linda Jackson on 14 May 2018

Meet Daisy and Ayanda - the dynamic duo from MLS Laboratory Services. Find out what makes them tick, and why they are so passionate about micro testing!

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R962 Duties of a Food Handler - Hand Hygiene

By Bridget Day on 07 May 2018

INFOGRAPHIC | Is hand-washing really so important? R962 thinks so - and it clearly states when a Food Handler should wash his or her hands.

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Listeria Prevention Presentation Pack

By Food Focus on 03 May 2018

View the listeria presentations and videos from our recent Listeria workshops - courtesy of all the amazing food industry professionals who gave of their time and expertise to support the industry in this crisis!

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Industry response to Listeriosis outbreak: clean, clean, clean!

By Linda Jackson on 02 May 2018

One of the primary reactions to the current Listeriosis outbreak has been to clean, clean, clean... and rightly so. But given the effort and expense it takes to clean, it is essential that cleaning is undertaken in the correct way to ensure the maximum benefit.

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Tiger Brands testing confirms the presence of listeria ST6 strain in their product

By Food Focus on 26 April 2018

Test results are conclusive: on 24 April, Tiger Brands announced to shareholders that they had received confirmation of the presence of LST6 in the samples from their Enterprise Polokwane processing facility, which had been sent for independent re-testing.

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SURVEY | Listeria Prevention Measures

By Food Focus on 24 April 2018

As we move forward from the 2018 Listeriosis Outbreak, what do YOU think is the most necessary measure that needs to be put in place to prevent similar outbreaks in the future? Give us your opinion.

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Organizational Culture Polarities Hold the Key to a Healthy Culture

By Guest Author on 19 April 2018

The upsides and downsides of organisational culture - can there be too much of a good thing, and what are the challenges of that?

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Sushi Safety

By Linda Jackson on 16 April 2018

So, love me or hate me, but I do like sushi. I do realise that this is a potentially hazardous food so what does a food safety person look for during sushi preparation?

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Listeria - What's in a Name Infographic

By Linda Jackson on 04 April 2018

Updated | We have all come to know Listeria on a first name basis during the last few months. But time has come to make sure there is clear understanding on who is who in this family and why this pathogen is so important

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Time for Some Listeria Hysteria!

By Guest Author on 29 March 2018

I'm not sure about you, but as a food safety professional (and a consumer), I have noted an increased number of reported Listeria incidents in recent years. What concerns me is the fact that it is popping up in new food categories that have traditionally not been implicated - mak

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