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RECORDING | Mycotoxins in dairy: Know your risk

By Food Focus on 02 June 2022

VIEW THE RECORDING | The diet of a dairy cow is complex, being composed of various raw materials – what is the mycotoxin risk of these diets, and which raw materials carry the highest risk? What impact do these mycotoxins have on dairy cows’ health and performance? Furthermore, h

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Shoprite and Checkers announce voluntary tinned tuna recall

By Food Focus on 29 May 2022

Shoprite and Checkers have announced a voluntary recall of cans of Cape Point Light Meat Shredded Tuna in Water due to possible can defects.

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Four years after the NICD linked Tiger Brands’ polony to the Listeria Outbreak

By Bill Marler on 27 May 2022

We are now beyond four years from the date that the NICD announced the association between Tiger Brands’ polony products and the outbreak, and the work done by all parties has only generated more evidence that the NICD’s and Tiger Brands’ conclusions are accurate. There is no evi

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Stronger Relationships, Stronger Food Safety Systems says GFSI

By GFSI . on 11 May 2022

Trust is undisputedly a fundamental ingredient in the recipe for food safety progress, so it comes as no surprise that it held such a prominent place at the recent GFSI Conference. The topic of trust was the guest of honour, referenced throughout the conference week in nearly eve

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Fall Seasonal Effects Connected to E. coli Outbreaks in Bagged Romaine

By United States Department of Agriculture on 07 May 2022

Agricultural Research Service scientists have begun to uncover details underlying a pattern of seasonal E. coli O157:H7 outbreaks linked to bagged romaine lettuce.

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FSA voices concerns over effectiveness of Kinder recall; says candy may still be on sale

By Food Safety News on 06 May 2022

The Food Standards Agency has raised concerns that potentially contaminated chocolate produced by Ferrero could still be on sale. As many as 200 people across Europe have been sickened in an outbreak linked to the candy.

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GFSI launches pilot for Food Safety Auditor Benchmarking requirements to boost take up of critical role

By GFSI . on 03 May 2022

The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) announces the launch of the first live pilot of its Benchmarking Requirements for Food Safety Auditors’ Professional Recognition Bodies, following a successful consultation period.

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RECORDING | The prudent use of antibiotics

By Food Focus on 29 April 2022

VIEW THE RECORDING | Join us for this webinar on the prudent use of antibiotics

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Gloves On or Gloves Off?

By Food Focus on 26 April 2022

Disposable gloves have become somewhat symbolic of food safety. However, gloves pose several concerns, and risks

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The Dirty Dozen: DS Smith exposes most contaminating items for paper recycling

By Packaging Insights on 12 April 2022

New research from DS Smith exposes the “Dirty Dozen” – the top 12 items contaminating mixed or paper recycling streams due to plastic and food presence. The most commonly recycled culprits include junk mail, food trays and pulp fruit trays.

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RECORDING | Biosecurity on dairy farms

By Food Focus on 06 April 2022

VIEW THE RECORDING: When people mention biosecurity, they almost always use the poultry and pig farms as the ideal model. Those systems work well for an enclosed piggery or poultry house, but it is impractical for a 200 hectare open grazing dairy farm. Dairy farms will be used as

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Acrylamide: A potential danger in your favourite snack

By Stellar Frisby on 05 April 2022

When you're enjoying a packet of potato crisps, chips with a meal or a toasted sandwich and a cup of coffee and someone asks you whether you've heard of the dangers of acrylamide - how would you respond?

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Acrylamide: How safe are your products for consumers?

By Stellar Frisby on 01 April 2022

Although recognized in various industries where its effects on people are known, such as the tobacco industry, the presence of acrylamide in food was only discovered in 2002 when a group of Swedish researchers working on acrylamide exposure in working environments concluded that

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RECALL: McCain green beans and Spar-brand frozen stir fry

By Food Focus on 16 March 2022

McCain South Africa is currently conducting a voluntary public product recall following reports of glass in specific bags of frozen sliced green beans and stir fry.

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RECORDING | Get to know DSA better while exploring what’s new on the dairy regulatory front

By Food Focus on 21 February 2022

VIEW THE RECORDING | The DSA needs no formal introduction, but how well do you know this company and the major role it plays in the dairy industry? This webinar is an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with this established company and to discover the benefits you’ll experie

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Q&A on Foodborne Illnesses

By Linda Jackson on 16 February 2022

This is not just a South African problem - foodborne illness remains a serious public health concern worldwide. The WHO reports that an estimated 600 million fall ill after eating contaminated food and 420 000 die every year, that is almost 1 in 10 people in the world!

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Linda Jackson and Jess Kelfkens on the Daily Thetha show

By Food Focus on 09 February 2022

Linda Jackson and Jess Kelfkens from Food Focus on SABC1’s Daily Thetha Show

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Nestle Kit Kat Recall - may contain glass

By Food Focus on 03 February 2022

Nestlé South Africa is recalling some of its Kit Kat chocolate bars due to the possibility that they may contain glass pieces.

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Restaurant Food Safety: Scombroid and Methylmercury Fish Poisoning - Part 2

By Guest Author on 01 February 2022

Restaurant operators can take a few precautions to keep diners safe from scombroid poisoning and reduce methylmercury exposure.

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Restaurant Food Safety: Scombroid and Methylmercury Fish Poisoning - Part 1

By Guest Author on 25 January 2022

As the consumption of fish grows, so do cases of scombroid and methylmercury fish poisoning. Restaurant-associated scombroid poisonings are caused by improper handling of fish in restaurants and...

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