ISO Guidelines for virtual kitchen services (IWA 40:2022)

By Food Focus on 21 June 2022

The emergence of the virtual kitchen has also created new issues related to supervision which are different from those faced by the traditional catering industry. For example, in the context of intensive catering operations, how to formulate operational standards on aspects such as sharing, transparency, equipment and the facilities assembly line.

ISO has developed this document aims to help resolve issues related to supervision in virtual kitchen businesses. It is based on good practices used in the catering industry worldwide.

This document provides guidelines on principles, processes and practices relevant to meeting the safety and quality standards required of virtual kitchen services. It applies to virtual kitchen operators and is also intended to serve as a reference for other stakeholders, such as virtual restaurants.

It is available to purchase from the ISO Website HERE


Status Published
Publication date:  May 2022
Edition 1
Number of Pages 9
Technical Committee ISO/TMBG Technical Management Board  -  groups
ICS ICS:  03.080.30 Services for consumers 

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