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STOP Foodborne Illness delivers plan to improve U.S. food recall process

By Guest Author on 29 July 2021

Nonprofit activist group, STOP Foodborne Illness, has announced that the organization has finalized recommendations to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to modernize the nation’s food recall system.

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DSA Laboratory Tests

By on 21 July 2021

The Dairy Standard Agency’s primary objective is promoting compliance of milk and other dairy products with product composition, food safety and metrology standards.

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Safe Grocery Shopping during COVID-19

By Food Focus on 14 July 2021

If we follow these rules for safe grocery shopping during Covid-19, we will keep ourselves safe, not just from COVID 19 but other foodborne illnesses too

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Africa Food Safety Workshop 2021

By Food Focus on 09 July 2021

The NMISA in partnership with the Joint Food and Agricultural Organization - International Atomic Energy Agency Centre and the African Food Safety Network (AFoSaN), invites you to participate in the virtual Africa Food Safety Workshop.

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Food Safety in Your Refrigerator

By Food Focus on 25 June 2021

Since the fridge is where we store our perishable food, it makes sense to pay special attention to food safety when it comes to this area of our kitchen.

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WEBINAR | Sampling of milk in the trade

By Food Focus on 22 June 2021

VIEW THE RECORDING: After numerous requests, the DSA included the topic of sampling. For the benefit of especially the Environmental Health Practitioners, the focus will be on the sampling of milk in the trade.

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TALK SHOP | Use artificial intelligence to improve your lab productivity

By Food Focus on 17 June 2021

VIEW THE RECORDING: At this special Talk Shop to learn more about how using onboard fixed artificial intelligence (AI) can assist you in the enumeration of Petrifilm Plate as well as increase your lab productivity.

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What you need to know about becoming a food safety auditor – Part 4

By Guest Author on 02 June 2021

In this final episode, we discuss what it takes to BE an auditor. This is not the right job for everyone and there are several personality traits that best suit this demanding work. Have you got what it takes?

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WEBINAR | Introductory to Pasteurisation

By Food Focus on 01 June 2021

VIEW THE RECORDING: Pasteurisation of milk ensures safety for human consumption. Pro-raw milk advocate organisations continue to promote raw milk as "nature's perfect food." To pasteurise or not…will remain a hot topic!

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Some top tips from some Food Safety Auditors to make your internal food safety audits more effective

By Food Focus on 27 May 2021

Food Safety Auditors give their top tips on food safety auditing.

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What you need to know about becoming a food safety auditor – Part 3

By Guest Author on 22 May 2021

In this episode, we talk about some of the things you need to know about the job of auditing.

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FRIDAY FOOD SAFETY FUNDAMENTALS | Pest control round table

By Food Focus on 21 May 2021

VIEW THE RECORDING: We chatted to Bradley Snow from The Specialist Group about some important tips for your pest control program. Hear it from a professional.

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What you need to know about becoming a food safety auditor – Part 2

By Guest Author on 14 May 2021

Once you are qualified and experienced, your next hurdle is training. In order to do this, you need to decide which body you plan to work for as there are small differences between the various safety systems available. Find out more here.

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What you need to know about becoming a food safety auditor – Part 1

By Guest Author on 11 May 2021

Food Safety Auditors hold an important role in our food safety system. Learn what you need to know on how to become a Food Safety Auditor in this four-part series.

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How to choose a pest control provider - Part 3

By Guest Author on 08 May 2021

Pest control is a significant component of any food safety audit, besides this being a legal requirement. Often the pest control contractor is blamed for nonconformances but is this fair?

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WEBINAR | We chat to SAMPA about the updates on Processed Meats legislation

By Food Focus on 07 May 2021

VIEW THE RECORDING: Since the 2018/2019 Listeriosis outbreak, there have been significant changes in legislation affecting processed meats. We chatted to SAMPA CEO, Peter Gordon, about the latest developments and the way forward.

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WEBINAR | SGS Realize Winning Food Safety Culture Program

By Food Focus on 07 May 2021

VIEW THE RECORDING: From farm to plate, one thing is clear: food safety concerns affect us all. SGS Realize food safety culture program provides your business with detailed assessments to measure your food safety culture.

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By Food Focus on 28 April 2021

VIEW THE RECORDING: The Consumer Goods Council of South Africa (CGCSA) is an industry association that represents Retail and Manufacturing member companies in a sector that is one of the largest sources of employment in South Africa.

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WEBINAR | Mastitis and the quality of your milk - what to do?

By Food Focus on 26 April 2021

VIEW THE RECORDING: Mastitis is an endemic disease and considered to be one of the most frequent and costly diseases in the dairy industry. Mastitis might be a food safety problem and clearly, mastitis is an economic problem. It might also be a welfare problem.

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WEBINAR | The Food Industry & Nutrition – Practical Proposals vs Impractical Ideological Idiocy

By Food Focus on 23 April 2021

VIEW THE RECORDING: We have spent millions of rands on food safety programmes in the last 20 years but yet so few people die of foodborne illness in South Africa. Diabetes and hypertension however are all linked to food but get far less attention.

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