RECORDING | Managing flies on dairy farms

Flies are not only a nuisance, but they are also vectors of bacteria and disease.

By Food Focus on 06 November 2023

Flies, often dismissed as mere nuisances, pose a far more significant threat than meets the eye. Not only are they an irritant, but they also act as vectors for bacteria and diseases. Nowhere is this threat more apparent than on dairy farms.

Flies can significantly disrupt operations and, more critically, impact cow health. In this recording, we shed light on the critical issue of fly management in dairy farming.

For this reason, the management of flies on dairy farms is crucial because of the impact on dairy operations by interfering among other things with cow health.

 This recording share details on flies including -

  • Different fly breeding patterns
  • Examples of conditions that contribute to providing opportunities for flies to breed
  • Steps you can implement to reduce providing opportunities for flies to breed
  • Various treatment programmes are available
  • Show and explain all the different fly equipment available to manage flies


Wayne O’Gorman is the Regional Corporate Account Manager IMEA for Ecolab South Africa – Pest Division. 

He has 22 years of pest industry experience, mainly within the Food & Beverage Manufacturing and Food Retail Industry working with major global organizations.

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