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CSR will not only benefit the community but will ensure greener business operations

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Why Corporate Social Responsibility Matters For Small Business

By Food Focus on 06 February 2019

As a consumer, stakeholder, or employee, all your decisions and emotions are driven by your personal beliefs. It shouldn’t be surprising that many people care a lot about things like the environment, their community, and other people. That’s why more and more businesses are ...

Social Responsibility’s Influence Over Food Safety and Quality

By Food Safety Magazine on 19 February 2018

The concept of social responsibility has saturated social media over the last few years and crept into the organizational pillars of many corporations. In its infancy, green/responsibility initiatives were often placed with the quality leaders, which was a fairly intuitive decisi

Challenging consumer decisions on sustainability

By Mallen Baker on 18 September 2017

Whenever restrictions on certain harmful types of products have been proposed, the mantra has been that consumers must be offered choice. When customers choose in large numbers to consume more sustainably, then things will change.

People, planet, plate

By Linda Jackson on 15 August 2017

Today’s restaurant owners have much more on their plates than preparing and serving tasty food. Social responsibility to do the right thing for employees, the community and the natural environment is an important aspect of your business.

What are you doing with your 67 minutes?

By Bridget Day on 14 July 2017

On the 18th July we celebrate Nelson Mandela Day – which is one of the most wonderful days of to year to be a South African. It is a time when we all unite together with one cause, and celebrate the legacy of Tata Madiba with actions not just words.

Catch someone doing something right

By Linda Jackson on 15 June 2017

The week ending 9 June will go down in history as a black one for large parts of South Africa with deadly storms and fires ravaging large parts of the Cape. Within hours of the devastating news, many organisations sprang into action to assist those left homeless and traumatised.

Food security: how Fairtrade helps level the playing field for small producers

By The Conversation on 26 May 2017

Paradoxically, of the one billion people classified as food insecure by the United Nations, about 500 million are smallholder farmers in developing economies. Some of these producers are exporting luxuries such as coffee, cocoa, exotic fruits and sugar for consumers in developed

Future trends in CSR - the next 10 years

By Wayne Visser on 18 April 2017

Looking to the future, what is needed – and what is just starting to emerge – is a new approach to CSR, which I call Systemic CSR, or CSR 2.0. This is a purpose-driven, principle-based approach, in which business seeks to identify and tackle the root causes of our present unsusta

Meeting water and energy challenges in agri-food sector with technology

By Wayne Visser on 21 March 2017

Worldwide, the overall growth in demand for agricultural products will require a 140% increase in the supply of water over the next 20 years compared to the past 20 years. While the bulk of this demand will be from irrigation, food processing plants can also be water intensive.

500 New labour inspectors deployed - here are the FIVE things they'll check

By FSP Business on 28 February 2017

Towards the end of 2015, the Department of Labour hired 500 extra labour inspectors in Johannesburg alone. And what's on their agenda? To catch as many companies as possible who aren't complying with the over 70 changes to the labour laws that happened in the last few years!

Are you an impact business?

By Linda Jackson on 15 December 2016

We have to say we were utterly intrigued when Lady Bonin tea signed up on our website recently. We're so excited by each new subscriber and make a point of checking out the company and what they do! This is where we came across the term “impact business” and we had to find out mo

Definitions of CSR we gotta understand what we're doing here

By Mallen Baker on 28 November 2016

This month we welcome Mallen Baker as a guest contributor. We love his frank uncompromising take on corporate social responsibility and what business is and is not doing about it

Intermediate Corporate Social Responsibility

By Linda Jackson on 14 November 2016

So you have some CSR projects going on – maybe supporting a school feeding scheme, you all wore your slippers to work and you collect Christmas gifts for the local orphanage. That’s great – well done. But CSR is not a strategic initiative and it needs more focus. You are ready to

Advanced Corporate Social Responsibility

By Linda Jackson on 14 November 2016

You are celebrating in the glow of your recent customer CSR audit! You need to look at triple bottom line reporting now to comply with shareholder requirements. This article provides an overview of the compliance journey from novice to advanced.

Novice Corporate Social Responsibility

By Linda Jackson on 08 November 2016

What is CSR? Is it a new illness about the hit the food industry? We love Mallen Baker’s definition: “CSR is about how companies manage the business processes to produce an overall positive impact on society.”

12 Ethical Principles for Business Executives

By Michael Josephson on 24 October 2016

Ethical values, translated into active language establishing standards or rules describing the kind of behavior an ethical person should and should not engage in, are ethical principles. The following list of principles incorporate the characteristics and values that most people

Lucky Daisy

By Marianne van Niekerk on 19 September 2016

FARM 360 AND CARE FOR THE ORIGIN OF YOUR FOOD! The welfare of the animals that supply us with our food is directly linked to the quality of the product supplied. Happy cow – happy milk or beef. Stressed animals are more prone to disease. This article looks at the practical issues

What exactly is CSR?

By Linda Jackson on 18 September 2016

There is a lot bandied about these days about corporate social responsibility. This article defines what is it and looks at the use of ISO 26000 as the basis for your CSR programmes.

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