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Bridging the Gap: The Role of Informal Food Safety Training for Small Producers

By Pierre Dorfling on 05 July 2024

In the world of food production, the journey toward ensuring safety and quality is often fraught with challenges, especially for small-scale producers operating on tight budgets.

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RECORDING I DSA - Let’s troubleshoot cheesemaking and get solutions to your challenges!

By Dairy Standard Agency on 08 June 2024

This webinar focused on some of the most common challenges experienced during cheesemaking and possible solutions.

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RECORDING I DSA Lab Services...making a difference in the dairy industry

By Dairy Standard Agency on 08 April 2024

Nala Manamela - Laboratory Manager revealed the heart of DSA Lab Services.

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Developments in the dairy regulatory landscape

By on 08 April 2024

The dairy industry recognises the importance of complying with national and international standards and legislation.

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RECORDING l Recent development in the dairy regulatory landscape

By Food Focus on 29 February 2024

Jompie Burger provides unparalleled insights into the recent developments in the dairy regulatory landscape!

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How to qualify a freeze drying plant for food

By on 15 January 2024

The objective of the food freeze-drying process is to prolong the shelf life of products such as fruits or instant coffee as well as to make them easier to transport and store, by withdrawing water. Here's how...

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How do I get a Certificate of Acceptability - COA?

By Food Focus on 30 November 2023

You want to open a food business, but don't know where to start... you need to start by complying with the law. Here are some helpful guidelines to start.

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RECORDING | Managing flies on dairy farms

By Food Focus on 06 November 2023

Often dismissed as mere nuisances, flies pose a far more significant threat than meets the eye. Not only are they an irritant, but they also act as vectors for bacteria and diseases. Nowhere is this threat more apparent than on dairy farms.

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The benefits of the use of the Lactoperoxidase system (LPS) in the dairy industry

By Prof Piet Jooste on 14 August 2023

The biological properties of milk promote the development of microorganisms which may compromise its quality. Consequently, the use of techniques for preserving the milk from its collection until processing is necessary. This is where a lactoperoxidase system (LPS) could be of u

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DSA Lab Services: The real test of quality

By on 26 July 2023

The promotion of quality milk and dairy products is extremely important, as inferior quality products can be catastrophic to the South African dairy industry and its consumers. This is the foundation on which the Dairy Standard Agency (DSA) has been built.

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RECORDING | What’s Next for Meat Analogue Products?

By Food Focus on 28 August 2022

VIEW THE RECORDING | Join us as we chat to legal eagle Janusz Luterek on what the court interdict means for plant-based producers and manufacturers, and to Donovan Will of ProVeg South Africa, on the ideal outcome for this sector.

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The Verdict on Vegan Vocabulary: Clarity or Confusion?

By Hahn & Hahn Attorneys on 28 June 2022

The legal experts from Hahn & Hahn weigh in on the controversial communique to the various stakeholders in the meat analogue industry

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Gloves On or Gloves Off?

By Food Focus on 26 April 2022

Disposable gloves have become somewhat symbolic of food safety. However, gloves pose several concerns, and risks

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Acrylamide: How safe are your products for consumers?

By Stellar Frisby on 01 April 2022

Although recognized in various industries where its effects on people are known, such as the tobacco industry, the presence of acrylamide in food was only discovered in 2002 when a group of Swedish researchers working on acrylamide exposure in working environments concluded that

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What Makes UV Light a Good Choice for Disinfection?

By PHT South Africa on 13 August 2020

Keeping microbes out of your food production facility is a never-ending battle. But have you considered adding UV light to your arsenal? If not, here are some great reasons why you should consider it!

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WEBINAR | Food Focus chats to the National Contract Cleaners Association

By Food Focus on 14 July 2020

Friday Fundamentals - Food Focus chatted to the National Contract Cleaners Association about COVID 19 and cleaning

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WEBINAR | An update on the processed meat legislation with Hahn & Hahn

By Janusz Luterek of Hahn & Hahn SA (Pty) Ltd on 13 May 2020

There has been a lot of change in the legal landscape in South Africa for processed meat products, with new compositional and food safety requirements promulgated since the Listeriosis outbreak. Today we have an expert sharing the facts with us.

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COVID-19 in the Food Industry: So Many Questions

By Guest Author on 02 April 2020

Understanding best practices and keeping employees safe have been a top concern during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Packaging and labelling trends you need to be aware of in 2020

By on 13 January 2020

While 2019 saw the launch of naked fruit and veggies in some retail outlets, 2020 trends for packaging and labelling have seen predictions such as Smart Packaging, Transparent and clear labelling, 100% recyclable materials, edible packaging, minimalism and increased portability.

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Cornell Develops Novel Food Safety Assessment Tool

By Guest Author on 19 December 2019

New research funded by the Frozen Food Foundation developed a modeling tool to assist the frozen food industry with understanding and managing listeriosis risks. The findings are published in the December 2019 issue of Journal of Food Protection.

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