RECORDING l Recent development in the dairy regulatory landscape

By Food Focus on 29 February 2024

The organized dairy industry acknowledges the importance of compliance with the law and related standards (national and international) as it pertains to the dairy value chain.

The regulatory landscape relating to milk and other dairy products is of a multi-dimensional nature and involves regulation of product composition, food safety, animal health and welfare, environmental management, animal feed, milking parlours, the transportation of milk, processing plants, storage and related matters such as export requirements.

South Africa is a role player in the international arena and compliance with national and international legislation, adherence to certain international codes and standards is of the utmost importance.

It is therefore essential to be cognisant of the role and functions of the various national authorities as well as bodies such as the South African Bureau of Standards, African Organisation for Standardisation, International Standards Organisation, World Trade Organisation, Codex Alimentarius and more. Safeguarding dairy in the interest of our dairy industry and the SA consumers in addition, unpacking and understanding the concept of sustainability in the dairy industry, in this complex dairy value chain brings many challenges.

These challenges can only be addressed through shared responsibilities between all industry stakeholders and the respective authorities. Watch this Webinar to get more insight.




Jompie Burger achieved a Diploma in Public Health at the Technicon Pretoria.

Practising as an Environmental Health Practitioner he furthered his studies and obtained a Btech Environmental Health as well as a BA in Public Administration. 

During the time of holding the position of Assistant Head of Health Services at the City Council of Springs he extended his field of expertise to food safety which included further studies in food safety management systems. 

After ending his career at the local authority in 1999 he became involved in product development, experienced life as owner of an artisanal cheese factory, worked as a food safety consultant for various brand names in the food industry as well as external food safety auditor in the retail sector. 

In 2005 he became involved in the organised dairy industry by managing various statutory projects on behalf of the Dairy Standard Agency (DSA).

He is currently the Managing Director of the DSA, an independent non-profit organisation, which primary objective is to promote dairy quality and safety in the interest of the industry and the consumer. He serves on several Milk SA advisory committees and technical committees of organisations such as the SABS and the International Dairy Federation (IDF).


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