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Foodborne Illness - What You Need To Know

By Guest Author on 04 April 2019

Every year about 48 million people in the United States suffer from a foodborne illness. Most of the illnesses happen suddenly and last a short time. While most people recover on their own without treatment, foodborne illness still causes about 3,000 deaths in the US annually. ¹

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WEBINAR | Will your traceability system meet the requirements of R638?

By SYSPRO Pty Ltd on 03 April 2019

Join Food Focus as we chat to Deirdre Fryer of SYSPRO about the new legal requirements for traceability now included in Regulation 638 of 2018. She will share practical insights into the requirements and how these can be addressed in any size food handling business.

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Tips on how to pass your BRC or FSSC Audit

By Debbie Brandt of Progress Excellence on 28 March 2019

Any Quality or Technical Manager will admit that FSMS's do not implement and maintain themselves. It takes hard work, dedication and patience - then a new standard is published, and the goal posts are moved. Here are some tips on how to pass your audit.

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What’s on your plate? How certification can prevent seafood fraud

By Guest Author on 26 March 2019

About 30% of seafood products – like cod or salmon – across the world may be mislabelled, according to a recent review. The analysis showed that on average nearly a third of all fish products that were tested didn’t match the species stated on the label or food menu.

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Microbiological Testing of Fresh Produce

By on 26 March 2019

A White Paper on Considerations in Developing and Using Microbiological Sampling and Testing Procedures if Used as Part of a Food Safety Program for Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Products

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Disinfection by-products: check them out!

By Guest Author on 22 March 2019

Ever since Dr. John Snow established in 1854 that water could be a mode of transmission for deadly diseases such as cholera, water disinfection is a basic requirement in all drinking water treatment process....

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Genetic Sequencing Sheds Light on Overlooked Pathogen

By Guest Author on 20 March 2019

Illness from the bacteria Bacillus cereus can mimic the stomach flu, which is why it may not get as much research attention as pathogens such as Listeria and Salmonella, which are more likely to have severe and sometimes fatal health outcomes.

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Poppy Seeds can Kill – Manufacturers and Retailers be Forewarned

By Guest Author on 18 March 2019

The State of Arkansas is stepping up as a leader and pushing responsible retailers to stop selling a defective and potentially deadly product. Hopefully the FDA will act as well as the DEA.

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How to ensure batch traceability in your food process

By SYSPRO Pty Ltd on 08 March 2019

The ability for food manufacturers to recall contaminated food products was publicly tested last year in the Listeriosis outbreak. In addition to processed meat products, frozen corn and eggs were also whipped off shelves following reports of other food borne hazards.

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The role of the CEO in your food safety internal audit programme

By Wouter Conradie of NSF on 07 March 2019

Internal audits are a mandatory requirement of all the FSMS standards such as FSSC 22000, BRC and even national retail standards and this management tool should be implemented to support corporate governance activities and not just ticking a box for food safety expectations...

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The one year anniversary of the listeriosis outbreak

By Food Focus on 05 March 2019

This week we mark one year since the Department of Health confirmed they had identified the source of the listeriosis outbreak in South Africa - the largest outbreak of listeriosis in the world to date.

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FDA Releases its Strategy for the Safety of Imported Food

By Guest Author on 05 March 2019

Agency outlines multi-layer approach to ensuring that food imports are safe.In February, FDA released its “Strategy for the Safety of Imported Food” outlining the agency’s comprehensive approach to helping ensure the safety of food imported into the United States...

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Europe sees rise in trichinellosis cases

By Guest Author on 03 March 2019

The number of trichinellosis cases in Europe increased by more than 50 from 2016 to 2017 following several years of decline.For 2016, 13 countries reported 166 infections and 101 confirmed cases. In 2017, 15 countries had...

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Scottish cheesemakers challenge guidance on raw milk in their products

By Guest Author on 02 March 2019

Five Scottish companies have launched a fundraising campaign for legal fees to challenge new inspection and enforcement guidance, including food safety measures, regarding raw milk cheese.

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BRCGS unveils its new visual identity and plans for 2019

By Food Focus on 28 February 2019

BRCGS, the world’s most rigorous supply chain assurance programme, unveiled a new visual identity and brand signature at the GFSI Conference in Nice.

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FSAI Now Using New DNA Technology to Identify Food Ingredients

By Guest Author on 28 February 2019

This month, the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) disclosed that it now has a new scanning tool that can identify the entire DNA content of a food...

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Climate Change Could Make Food Less Safe

By Guest Author on 27 February 2019

As the planet warms, governments must pay more attention to food safety, and address the issue in their action plans to tackle climate change, officials and researchers say.

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Intentional Adulteration: 6 threats to your business

By Guest Author on 25 February 2019

When on 9th September of 2018 Hoani Hearne bit a nice red strawberry he was not expecting to end the day in Sunshine Coast University Hospital with severe abdominal pain. He had ingested a needle intentionally planted by My Ut Trinh, a former strawberry farm supervisor...

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No more mincing your words with mince?

By Linda Jackson on 18 February 2019

Mince and sausages have often been a subject of much debate in South Africa. R1138 of October 2018 will make provision for several classes of raw meat products - so what will be the difference between minced meat and ground meat?

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2019 Food Safety and Transparency Trends

By Guest Author on 07 February 2019

Last year’s E. coli outbreaks put a spotlight on the food safety challenges facing the fresh food industry.

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