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Are you controlling allergen hazard for returnable packaging?

By Guest Author on 20 June 2019

There is a new buzz among food packaging manufacturers: How to manage allergen(s) when shipping materials are sent back from manufacturers who facilitate declared allergens. Third party auditors are noticing return program of dunnage and are asking questions...

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Listeria outbreaks: why they should be much rarer in ten years' time

By Guest Author on 19 June 2019

A listeria outbreak in the UK has infected nine people and killed five of them in June 2019. The bacteria was transmitted via sandwiches and salads eaten in seven hospitals across England, supplied by the Good Food Chain, a company based in the Midlands. The outbreak came to ligh

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The chilling insight about the knowledge of Food Quality Assurance Managers

By Pinky and the Brain on 18 June 2019

With all food industries still well aware of the BIG L word, the two of us just could not keep it in any longer… There are other aspects in the food industry that should be worried about, not just Listeria outbreaks! Like ....

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Webinar | Product life cycle management - how to get the most out of your products

By Ulli Gerntholtz of NSF on 11 June 2019

If you weren't able to join this Product life cycle management webinar live, you can catch up on all the valuable info in the recording.

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Setting up a microbiological testing program for your food products - Part 2

By Shane Rimmel of Food Consulting Services on 11 June 2019

In many cases detecting the presence or confirming the absence of a microorganisms is not enough. Some microorganisms require relatively high numbers to make you sick while others only require a few to result in the symptoms if ingested.

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How Kosher are your Kosher Claims?

By Linda Jackson on 29 May 2019

Producing a quality product is a key objective for any food manufacturer. And quality means meeting the customers requirements. Customer requirements can be vary and include the obvious general like food safety but others may be quite specific to a group. One such group would be

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The ABC’S of UV-C Sterilization of Foods

By Technilamp Pty Ltd on 29 May 2019

What is UV Radiation and how does UV-C sterilization work?

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Seriously, eating raw dough is not a good idea

By Guest Author on 27 May 2019

As of May 24, 2019, 17 people infected with the outbreak strain of E. coli O26 have been reported from 8 states. Illnesses started on dates ranging from December 11, 2018 to April 18, 2019. Ill people range in age from 7 to 86 years, with a median age of 23. Sixty-five percent o

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Setting up a microbiological testing program for your food products

By Shane Rimmel of Food Consulting Services on 26 May 2019

We get many requests for information on “What microorganisms should I test for?” and “What are the allowable levels of microorganisms in the product and in my facility?”. Here is some help...

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Technology Helps Your Food Safety Employees Work Smarter, Not Harder

By Guest Author on 23 May 2019

As companies look to streamline their processes, technology isn’t the answer to eliminating jobs—it’s a solution to increasing employee productivity.

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Importance of controlling foreign matter in food production

By Guest Author on 13 May 2019

Globalization of the food industry has allowed for a more expansive food network that allows for food products from distant areas to reach different parts of the world. Food production, consumption, transportation, and the entire food chain have changed...

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The value of NSF registration for non-food compound products for the food industry

By Louis Munnick of CRC Industries (Pty) Ltd on 10 May 2019

Generally, maintenance teams in the food industry don’t always understand the value of using NSF food compound products that ensure their plant and equipment operates optimally and simultaneously reduce contamination risks.

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The Cost of Listeriosis Outbreak on the South African Industry and the Economy

By Linda Jackson on 07 May 2019

Food Focus were privileged to be invited to the Stakeholder Consultative Session for the recent DDTI / Deloitte and Touche study on the economic impact of the recent listeriosis outbreak in South Africa...

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Spicier and icier – what does the NEW R638 have to say about food temperature?

By Testo South Africa SANAS Calibration Lab JHB on 03 May 2019

In June of 2018, the General hygiene regulations for the storage and transport of food were updated. Some important changes were made to the temperature requirements and thus it is essential that we re-visit the importance of temperature control in your restaurant space.

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Step Back and Assess Your Food Safety Culture

By Guest Author on 25 April 2019

It can be hard to evaluate company culture when you’re immersed in it daily. Here’s a guide to help you take a step back and check in on your facility’s food safety culture.

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Clean Labeling – Healthy Trend Or Sneaky Consumer Trap?

By Guest Author on 24 April 2019

Living a healthy lifestyle is becoming more important to many people. This is not only evident in everyday activities, but also in the foods people consume. In order to live a healthy life, particular care is taken to buy foods that are labeled as “clean”. At first, it just looke

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Salmonella: It’s More Pervasive Than You May Think

By Guest Author on 16 April 2019

How to detect, prevent, and control this broadly attributed pathogen...

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Surviving The Storm

By Guest Author on 12 April 2019

In 2018, the U.S. experienced record heat waves, severe snow storms, deadly wildfires, and two devastating hurricanes, with weather disaster costs expected to top $155 billion when final figures are in.Not only are many of these events dangerous and destructive, but they can caus

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Changes in the Food Safety Industry: Face Them or Ignore Them?

By Guest Author on 11 April 2019

“A new era of smarter food safety is coming,” said Frank Yiannas, FDA’s deputy commissioner of food policy and response, at the GFSI Conference 2019 in Nice, France. He went on to explain, “a smarter food safety is people-led, FSMA-based and technology-enabled.” Afterwards, Yiann

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Legionella - two birds with one stone

By Guest Author on 04 April 2019

Listeriosis is not the only “L” word you should know about in the food industry. While we have been heavily focused on the consumers of our products, we also need to protect our employees. Fortunately, the controls you should have in place for your food safety management system c

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