WEBINAR Product life cycle management - how to get the most out of your products

By Ulli Gerntholtz on 11 June 2019

Thu, Jun 27, 2019 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM SAST

Developing and positioning a new product requires gathering a lot of market information: trends, competitive analysis and marketing research. Failing to do this can cost a lot of money and resources in developing and commercializing a product with low attractiveness. The process is complex from sourcing the right quality ingredients from the right suppliers to match your product positioning all the way through to packaging and labeling. In this webinar NSF International will take us through the need for a truly integrated approach and highlight some of the potential pitfalls you should avoid.

Join Linda Jackson as she interviews Achraf Tiouali, the Group Managing Director at NSF International leading several European counties. Achraf has almost 20 year experience in food safety and quality management systems both at the retail and manufacturing levels. He started his career as a food safety and quality consultant and moved to business development, Merger and Acquisitions and Finance prior to his current role. Achraf is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and holds a Master of Science and an Executive Master of Business Administration.

Achraf is joined by Ulrich Gerntholtz is the Head of Consulting and Technical Services at NSF International - Africa
Ulli studied agriculture and started his career as a plant pathologist. Since then Ulli has added 28 years in agriculture, retail, and auditing to his portfolio, and draws on a great deal of practical expertise within his role at NSF. Ulli is a regular speaker on a wide range of food safety and hygiene topics at conferences and workshops throughout South Africa. Ulli has been with NSF International since 2015 as the Head of Consulting and Technical Services and Training for Africa.