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4 powerful tips to help you power through load shedding

By Guest Author on 15 December 2021

Despite the general frustrations, load shedding also has a disastrous effect on numerous electrical appliances, including refrigerators and freezers. Here are 4 tips to help you power through load-shedding.

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Food Truck Series Part 5 | Train your Food Truck Staff

By Linda Jackson on 13 December 2021

Everyone has a right to a safe plate of food

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South African Meat Industry Company (SAMIC) Abattoir Services and Audit Fees 2022

By Food Focus on 07 December 2021

SAMIC hereby imposes the following fees as approved by the members of SAMIC, namely the Red Meat Industry Forum at SAMIC’s AGM, which will be effective from 1 January 2022.

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Food Truck Series Part 4 | Train your Food Truck Staff

By Linda Jackson on 07 December 2021

In this episode we decided to help you train your staff with these useful food safety posters for the major do’s and don’t’s. Laminate it and stick it up as a handy reminder.

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Pioneer Foods Recall on Certain Safari Nuts and Raisins Products

By Food Focus on 06 December 2021

Pioneer Foods is launching a recall of specific batches of the Peanuts & Raisins and Cashew nuts products, sold under its Safari brand in South Africa, Botswana and Namibia.

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Food Truck Series Part 3 | Your legal responsibilities as the business owner – the person in charge

By Linda Jackson on 30 November 2021

As the business owner, it is important to remember the legal responsibilities you are shouldering.

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Food Truck Series Part 2 | Designing your unit for food safety and more

By Linda Jackson on 23 November 2021

Making sense of the law can be complicated. In part 2 of our Food Truck series, we explain the requirements you have to comply with and some of Joanne’s tips.

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Food Truck Series Part 1 | Starting a mobile food business?

By Linda Jackson on 15 November 2021

Want to operate a mobile food business? We chat to some ladies about their mobile food adventure and what it takes to start right – and legal.

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Packaging: A Journey to Sustainability

By Food Focus on 11 November 2021

VIEW THE RECORDING | With the recently implemented legislation requiring increased sustainability measures on all packaging, it not only forces manufacturers to comply but also requires forward & innovative thinking on a strategic packaging approach.

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Talk Shop | Building Consumer Trust in the Vegan and Vegetarian Markets

By Food Focus on 26 October 2021

VIEW THE RECORDING | Increasing consumer awareness of health, animal welfare and environmental issues has driven the rapid growth in the consumption of vegan and vegetarian foods.

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WEBINAR | DSA 10: Dairy Packaging & Labelling

By on 25 October 2021

VIEW THE RECORDING | It’s a wrap… we’ve come to the end of Dairy Standard Agency’s series of insightful monthly webinars for 2021. To round off the topics on the ins and outs of the local dairy industry, dairy packaging & labeling was explored in this final webinar.

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Handwashing – a simple, but effective food safety tool

By Food Focus on 15 October 2021

It is such a simple activity – but vital for food safety in our facilities, and to keep our staff healthy. Today we review the basics of handwashing and how to ensure it is being done in your facility.

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Elgin Fruit Juice under investigation in SA’s apple juice recalls

By Food Focus on 14 October 2021

The National Consumer Commission (NCC) has now launched an investigation into the possibility that Elgin Fruit Juice is the source of the apple juice involved in recent recalls.

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Woolworths 100% Apple Juice Product Recall

By Food Focus on 11 October 2021

Following routine quality tests, Woolworths is recalling Woolworths branded 100% APPLE JUICE 200 ml cartons (single boxes and six packs) with the best before date of 23, 28 and 29 March 2022.

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Liquifruit Product Recall | October 2021

By Food Focus on 08 October 2021

Pioneer Foods is launching a recall of certain 100% apple juice products, sold under its LiquiFruit brand in South Africa, Botswana and Namibia, and Ceres brand overseas

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By Food Focus on 05 October 2021

Barbara Creecy, Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment has published proposed fees payable in respect of applications for commercial fishing rights and fees for ...

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By Food Focus on 05 October 2021


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WEBINAR | DSA - Importance of the dairy cold chain

By Food Focus on 04 October 2021

VIEW THE RECORDING | The purpose of this presentation is to bring more clarity on the basic principles of efficient milk cooling, milk hygiene and quality, cooling technologies and calibration of thermometers.

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Foodborne illnesses decreased in 2020; could be result of pandemic factors

By Food Focus on 30 September 2021

Foodborne illnesses in the United States decreased by 26 percent in 2020 compared with the average from 2017-19, according to a report released on 24 September 2021.

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Patulin and Human Health

By Food Focus on 29 September 2021

What is patulin, what risk does it pose to human health, and how is it introduced into the manufacturing space.

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