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Food in the 21st Century: Challenges in the Food System

By Guest Author on 28 October 2019

As part of our Food in the 21st Century series, we explored in our last article the importance of growing leaders to feed the future. These future leaders must be able to think more holistically as the type and scope of challenges will demand a shift in approach that simultaneous

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Chilled Food Association Newsletter 52

By Kaarin Goodburn Chilled Food Association on 26 October 2019

Welcome to CFA News #52, which includes updates on our chlorate proposed MRLs, the listeria outbreaks of earlier this year and good news about our sustainability targets. You'll also find news of our education work and the new advocates for exciting careers in chill.

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Webinar | Talking to Directorate of Food Control about Regulation 638

By Food Focus on 21 October 2019

View our exclusive interview, live with Ms. Penny Campbell, the Director of Food Control, Department of Health, as she shares with us on the intention and interpretation of Regulation 638.

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Time to stop luxuriating Food Safety Management Systems?

By Guest Author on 18 October 2019

Has food safety has become a luxury value-added service that the food industry offers to those who can afford to pay the price tag? Is it our duty as professionals in this field to bring it back to basics and provide food safety for all- not just those who can pay for it.

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How to measure compressed air contaminants according to ISO 8573-1

By Patrick Dolz, Managing Director of CS Instruments on 17 October 2019

ISO 8573 is an internationally recognized standard that defines major contaminants in compressed air. So how do we measure these contaminants in day to day real life factory conditions?

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WEBINAR | Anticipating & Managing Food Fraud - we chatted to FACTS

By Food Focus on 15 October 2019

Did you miss the FACTS webinar on how to anticipate and manage Food Fraud through horizon scanning and using analysis as a tool for managing vulnerabilities? Watch the recording here.

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What's new in the hygiene regulations R638

By Linda Jackson on 14 October 2019


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Transporting your food - the dangers lurking in your lunch box

By Linda Jackson on 14 October 2019

Sitting in the aisle seat means you have a great view of what people are bringing onboard a plane... and it's surprising to see the number of cooler bags containing food!

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The Future of Auditing and the 4 steps of Food Safety Systems

By Guest Author on 14 October 2019

Who hasn’t felt nervous before an audit? There is so much pressure today on food safety professionals to accomplish successfully audits, especially when we have a big client requiring it or a Certification Body doing it. Most of us neglect the fact that audits should be perceived

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Whitepaper | Temperature Monitoring Insights from Testo

By Testo South Africa SANAS Calibration Lab JHB on 07 October 2019

Do you know your legal requirements for monitoring temperatures according to Regulation 638? Discover this and so much more in this Temperature Monitoring Whitepaper from the experts

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Why Changing Workplace Safety Culture Must Start From the Top

By Guest Author on 06 October 2019

Organizations that are serious about protecting their workers must do far more than react after an injury or rely on awareness-based safety efforts.

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One person can make a difference in food safety

By Linda Jackson on 03 October 2019

“The path to food safety is not a straight way, nor is it an easy one apparently but when it is your passion, it is worth the pain and patience”. This is according to Sinawo Mzinga.

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Defrosting done right - what you need to know

By PHT South Africa on 25 September 2019

Whether you prepare food for your family or run a food service, defrosting meat the right way is critical. Deléne Boshoff of PHT South Africa explains why and shares advice for doing defrosting right.

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Your Microbiology Testing Guide

By SMT LABS Pty Ltd on 09 September 2019

As a testing laboratory, we often get asked the question: What should I test for? Although there is legislation and guidelines that specific industries should adhere to, there are also basic guidelines to help you ensure that your product and facility complies with good hygiene a

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The lesser-known causes of food poisoning that may ruin your dessert

By Guest Author on 05 September 2019

An estimated one million people are affected by food-borne disease in the UK every year, costing the economy in excess of £1 billion. The usual bacterial suspects include Campylobacter, Salmonella, E. coli and Listeria, all of which thrive in the summer’s warmer temperatures, cau

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Things to keep in mind when assessing a pest control program

By Guest Author on 04 September 2019

The following should be kept in mind when assessing a pest control program...

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Cold Food Storage Chart

By Food Focus on 03 September 2019

In the absence of South African guidelines on this topic, we can adhere to the guidelines below for storing food in the refrigerator and freezer.

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Good faith in the food industry - Don't take it for granted!

By Guest Author on 02 September 2019

Two recent Food Safety related news releases caught my attention: incidents where good/bad faith were being questioned. Have you seen the news or the shocking disgusting video initially posted on June 28, 2019 floating around social media?...

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WEBINAR | Managing inventory to reduce food waste and increase your profits

By SYSPRO Pty Ltd on 23 August 2019

We chatted to Doug Hunter of SYSPRO-Africa about how technology can assist with managing your inventory effectively and curbing food waste that may also be eating into profit margins. Watch the recording now

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Food Safety Auditing: An Industry in Transition

By Guest Author on 23 August 2019

With the passage of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) in 2011, the food industry overseen by FDA experienced the most extensive regulatory overhaul in the last 70 years. In the years since, auditing, which is used to both evaluate whether a food safety system is appropriat

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