RECORDING | Mycotoxins in dairy: Know your risk

By Food Focus on 02 June 2022

The diet of a dairy cow is complex, being composed of various raw materials – what is the mycotoxin risk of these diets, and which raw materials carry the highest risk? What impact do these mycotoxins have on dairy cows’ health and performance? Furthermore, how can we detect mycotoxins and protect dairy cows?

During this webinar we discuss:

  • What are mycotoxins, where do they come from and why they are formed?
  • Negative impact of mycotoxins in dairy cows
  • Aflatoxins in dairy products – a human health risk
  • Managing your mycotoxin risk - from detection to mitigation
  • How to choose the correct mycotoxin binder 


Caitlyn de Vos

Vitam International

Caitlyn de Vos is the Ruminant Development Manager at Vitam International, in this role she is responsible for the technical support for the range of ruminant solutions in Sub-Saharan Africa and is involved in several marketing, technical and R&D projects.

Prior to joining the Vitam team in 2019, she completed her MSc degree in Animal Nutrition at the University of Pretoria focusing on the effects of feed additives on the amino acid composition of the ruminal bacteria.

Caitlyn has a keen interest in ruminant nutrition, particularly dairy nutrition, with a focus on the ruminal microbiome, mycotoxins, and the role of feed additives in optimising ruminant production and health.

She has a passion for knowledge and constantly looks to further not only her own, but also to share her knowledge with those wanting to learn more.

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