RECORDING I The Fear Factor in Microbiological Automated Test Methods

By Food Focus on 03 May 2023

We are generally reluctant to change from the known to the unknown. Especially from things that have been done in a certain way for ages.  Why change?

This is specifically true for Microbiological test methods. Technology however has been developed that automates the total bacteria count in raw milk for example, but due to the unknown, we struggle to always see the value in this.  

The relationship between the traditional method and automation can be complex to understand and interpret in our daily business. This talk will try and uncover the value and how we should use automation to fully benefit from it.

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Riaan Lombard

Riaan has almost 20 years of dairy experience, mainly in the analytical environment.

With a BSc degree in microbiology, Riaan has worked for Clover as a microbiologist/lab manager and then later moved to Lactolab as a lab manager.

Riaan worked at Deltamune as a sales executive and for the last 7 years at Biomerieux as a sales and application consultant.

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