RECORDING I SASDT Lactoperoxidase Webinar

Lactoperoxidase: A natural enzymatic system to protect dairy products against microbial spoilage.

By Food Focus on 20 July 2023

The SASDT with their sponsors - PHT and Danlink joined forces with BIENCA to intorduce their range, based on Lactoperoxidase which is an enzyme native to milk, help to stabilize the microbiota in food systems. During this webinar we will present results of different tests that show the efficiency of SEA-i in dairy systems.

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by Jompie Burger, MD of the Dairy Standard Agency

It is well documented that the Lactoperoxidase system (LPS) is in many parts of the world, used to protect raw milk destined for processing and dairy products, particularly in remote areas where farmers are not near the market. The use is mainly intended to boost the natural LP in raw milk, suppressing microbiological growth to be used as a processing aid to extend the shelf life of a variety of dairy products, specifically fresh cheese including mozzarella and cottage cheeses, frozen dairy desserts, fermented milk, flavored milk drinks, and yogurt.

The Lactoperoxidase system is a natural defense system against microbial contamination. The LPS has been reviewed by a number of international organizations, including WHO, because of its use for the treatment of raw milk and other dairy products. It is important to note that all of the components of the LPS system occur naturally in human and animal liquid secretions, and therefore present no new exposures to the human body. The system provides antimicrobial activity against a wide spectrum of spoilage and pathogenic microorganisms, in the interest of product longevity/shelf life and public safety.

The LPS is also considered approved by the FDA as a GRAS (generally recognized as safe) substance meaning its general recognition of safety is based on the views of experts qualified to evaluate the safety of the substance.

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Alma Flores González Studied Food Chemistry at the National Autonomous University of Mexico and a European Master in Food Science Technology and Nutrition at Dublin Institute of Technology (IR)/ Catholic Superior Studies School Sint Lieven (BE)/ Catholic University of Portugal (PL)

Alma has 15 years of experience in the Food Industry, focused on Product Development and Quality.

She joined BIENCA in 2021 where she is the Quality and R&D Manager.

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