RECORDING l The key to effective sampling of milk and dairy products

By Food Focus on 12 July 2023

In this Webinar Recording, the DSA addressed the topic of effective sampling of milk and dairy products in the trade.

In this webinar, the following was shared:

  • The sampling procedure of milk and dairy products with reference to Regulation 328 of 20 April 2007 and the International Standard ISO 707:2008.
  •  How to ensure that the sampling of milk and dairy products in the trade is effective.

View the slides below:

Download Webinar-Sampling in the trade (26 Jul'23).pdf


Jacqueline Odendaal achieved a BSc (Agric) Food Science & Technology degree at the University of Pretoria in 1999.

She started her career at the Training Board for the Dairy Industry where she discovered her passion for training and development.

The Training Board ceased to exist in 2000 which led to a new direction in her career. She was employed by Sensory Assignments Africa and later McCormick SA to conduct market research in the food industry by means of sensory evaluation.

Jacqueline's passion for training remained and she fortunately got the opportunity to return to the dairy industry as a training consultant for SAMPRO (South African Milk Processors Organisation) and later had the exciting experience of being part of Creating Competence.

Jacqueline is currently part of the Dairy Standard Agency team as Technical Manager, where she assists with information, communication, and education programmes in workgroups, provides consultation and acts in an advisory role to milk producers and dairy processing companies.

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