RECORDING | Pasteurisation to the next level

By Food Focus on 02 November 2022


Pasteurisation of milk will remain a hot topic!  This heat treatment ensures safety for human consumption by reducing the number of viable pathogenic bacteria.  The presentation touches on basic principles but also focuses on the down and upstream equipment and requirements to guaranty a safe and high-quality product.  The highlights of the presentation are pasteurization to the next level and increasing the shelf-life.


Presentation downloads:

Download GEA Group Presentation 15 Nov 22.pdf
Download GEA presentation Pasteurisation 15 Nov 22.pdf

More about our speakers:

Riaan Botha


Head of Separation and Homogenization Sales and Services

Riaan Botha was born in Johannesburg in 1988.

After graduating in 2010 with a Degree in Polymer Science, he pursued a career in the packaging industry.

After 3 years in the packaging industry, he moved to Luxembourg in Europe to take on a Business Development role for Southern and Eastern Africa within the Food Processing Industry.

In 2016, Riaan Botha Joined GEA Africa as a Sales Engineer for Southern and Eastern Africa to develop the Dairy and Beverage Processing industries with use of Separation and Homogenization technology.

During his 7 years with GEA Africa, Riaan held numerous positions withing the Separation and Homogenization business area and he currently Heads the Separation and Homogenization business Southern and Eastern Africa.

Jan Bunk


Head of Dairy Applications Sales

Jan Bunk was born in the Netherlands in 1970. After earning a Mechanical degree he started his career as Mechanical Engineer specialized in spray dryers.

In this function he worked for various projects in China, New Zealand, Brazil, South Africa, Philippines and in Europe as well.

In 2012, Jan Bunk Joined GEA Mechanical Equipment in this function Jan Bunk was responsible for the dairy and beverage market in South Africa and East Africa as the market development engineer.

In 2017, Jan became Head of Dairy Applications Sales for the Sub-Saharan Dairy market.

Jan is living over 12 years in Johannesburg where he is responsible to developing projects and providing technical support to the growing markets in the Sub-Saharan.


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