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Directory Lucky Draw

By: Bridget Day on 03 April 2017

Food Focus supports your business - not only is it free to list in our Supplier Directory, but we have also made other opportunities to promote your brand and your service solutions to the local industry, and increase traffic to your business listing

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Newsletter Issue 4/2017

By: Bridget Day on 16 February 2017

"The only thing constant is change." Heraclitus, Greek Philosopher That certainly holds true in 2017 - companies need to be agile, responsive and innovative if they want to stay ahead of the pack. You need to be listening to your customers, complia

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Newsletter Issue 3/2017

By: Bridget Day on 09 February 2017

2017 has brought new challenges, but also new opportunities. The world grows smaller as supply chains stretch wider afield; and we all strive to give our businesses the competitive edge. But in gaining that edge, don't compromise...

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Newsletter Issue 2/2017

By: Bridget Day on 02 February 2017

January is behind us and life is back up to full speed - but we hope you'll continue to save a little time for our newsletters and articles. We're constantly researching, scanning the news, monitoring legislation and adding new suppliers to our websi

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Newsletter Issue 1/2017

By: Bridget Day on 26 January 2017

January is almost over, but we've brought you a round up of our newest articles on trending issues, industry best practice and valuable advice. With new contributors, new ideas in the pipeline and lots more meaty content to come, we hope you are look

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Newsletter Issue 4/2016

By: Bridget Day on 21 December 2016

Thank you for being part of our journey this year, and for all your support! The year is slipping away from us, and though we'll still be around for a little while longer, we know that many of you will not be back until the new year.

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Newsletter Issue 3/2016

By: Bridget Day on 08 December 2016

Welcome to our third edition of the newsletter. A special hello to all our new subscribers, we hope you enjoy the articles we've handpicked for you this week, and that you're finding lots more value-add information on our website.

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Newsletter Issue 2/2016

By: Bridget Day on 23 November 2016

Welcome to our second edition - and thank you for the great feedback and response to the first newsletter. We're glad that you are enjoying our content and will keep on bringing you more of what you want to see.

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Newsletter Issue 1/2016

By: Bridget Day on 01 November 2016

Issue 1 of our monthly Newsletter is out. We know time is always an issue, so we've kept it short & sweet. Happy reading!

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