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How to keep rats out of your salad bar

By Food Focus on 11 January 2019

Recent media coverage has highlighted the issue of rats in food outlets – much to the horror of consumers. But rats are not the only pests to be concerned about, there's also birds, flies, cockroaches and many more.

Filthy Flies Can Put Your Operations at Risk

By Food Safety Tech on 10 January 2019

When we think about dirty pests, cockroaches are usually the first to come to mind. But while the conditions they thrive in are disgusting, flies breed and feed in the filthiest areas. Their lifestyle means their bodies can be covered in dangerous, potentially disease-inducing pa

Report Details Most Common Violations at FDA-regulated Food Facilities

By Food Safety News on 07 January 2019

Food standard violations at 874 facilities around the country in FY 2018 fell into one of five categories, according to a company that helps other businesses with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) compliance. Registrar Corp. says the latest round of “Inspection Observation

Food Safety and Packaging: How to Keep Up With Consumer Concerns

By Food Safety Magazine on 07 January 2019

Consumers worldwide are increasingly well-informed of the content of food and the amounts of chemicals they are exposed to. As more research data becomes available, there is steadily growing awareness and understanding of issues such as the chemicals contained in recycled fiber a

A Sample of Salmonella Sicknesses at Restaurants and Deli’s

By Linda Jackson on 15 December 2018

With the Boise Co-op Salmonella outbreak topping 250 sickened in early June and the Kenosha Supermercado Los Corrales outbreak at about 100 from late May, it may be instructive to look back over the last decade or so at other food service outbreaks of similar size for some contex

Food safety for your employees – is your canteen R638 ready?

By Linda Jackson on 10 December 2018

Whether you are a food manufacturing organisation or any other company for that matter, ensuring your canteens are at the correct hygiene level must be a priority to protect the health of your own employees

Two research projects shed light on Listeria

By Food Safety News on 10 December 2018

Two recent research projects focusing on Listeria have helped boost understanding of the pathogen’s specific chemical and structural properties and improve food safety from farm to fork.

Food Control Queries - Who to contact at the Department of Health

By Food Focus on 10 December 2018

Do you have food control queries and need to contact someone at the Department of Health? Here are some useful contacts to have on hand.

Tiger Brands allowed to reopen Polokwane facility after listeria outbreak

By Bridget Day on 07 December 2018

Enterprise Polokwane has been issued a Certificate of Acceptability from the municipality's Environmental Health Department, permitting the factory to start production again.

Safety in your kitchen

By Linda Jackson on 06 December 2018

Remember that you are responsible for your own safety and the safety of others. Accidents occur in many ways but most often can be traced back to one of two basic factors: ignorance or carelessness. You must always be concerned with your own safety and with the safety of others a

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