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SA to send plastic pollution packing

By In the news on 17 May 2018

Single-use food and beverage packaging is responsible for a large proportion of plastic pollution in our oceans and waterways- but it seems that Environmental Affairs Minister Edna Molewa has a bold new plan in mind to change this (starting with banning the of straws.)

Britain urges takeaways to stop serving salad

By In the news on 23 April 2018

Salad is not always the most popular food choice, but a recent survey found that 99% of salads served alongside takeaway food are thrown away.

Companies Must Push Harder on Achieving Sustainability Goals

By EHS Today on 18 April 2018

While 69% of companies ask suppliers to effectively manage their environmental impacts, only 34% actually provide tools and resources to incentivize action.

SPAR Eastern Cape declares war on plastic bags

By Food Focus on 06 April 2018

SPAR Eastern Cape said the company has declared war on plastic shopping bags, and launched a campaign to persuade customers to exchange them for reusable paper ones.

Down the drain – how water leakage affects us and what we can do about it

By Environmental Management Magazine on 28 March 2018

37% of water in our urban piped water systems leaks out or is used illegally”. That’s more than a third of our country’s water, going down the drain. With the water crisis in the Cape, looming water concerns across the world, and a growing population, this figure remains far too

Poultry farmers urged to watch out for avian flu

By Food Focus on 27 March 2018

The Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has called on poultry farmers in coastal areas to be on high alert and improve their biosecurity amid fears of a fresh outbreak of the deadly avian flu.

Avian flu found in seabirds - dept halts all research

By Food Focus on 26 March 2018

The Department of Environmental Affairs on Friday said it had decided to halt all research activities involving the handling of seabirds in an effort to manage the spread of avian influenza - the same strain reported in the poultry industry in 2017.

Bold steps are needed toward a 'new normal' that allocates water fairly in South Africa

By The Conversation on 22 March 2018

Discussions of the water crisis that has hit Cape Town tend to focus on supply and demand. In other words, a severe and unusual drought has created a situation in which there is not enough water (supply) to meet people’s needs (demand).

Shortcuts in waste disposal adding to SA’s massive environmental challenges

By Environmental Management Magazine on 05 March 2018

Unlike many developed countries around the globe that operate within a regenerative system called a “circular economy,” South Africa only recycles 10% of its waste. Considering that most of our waste is destined for landfills, the promotion of responsible disposal practices remai

Industry weighs in on Listeria monocytogenes and ag water regulations

By Food Focus on 20 February 2018

The produce industry is acutely aware of the potential adverse public health consequences that can be associated with Listeria monocytogenes (Lm) and fresh produce. However, fresh produce poses a unique challenge among FDA regulated foods

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