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Clean Labeling – Healthy Trend Or Sneaky Consumer Trap?

By Food Safety Exchange on 24 April 2019

Living a healthy lifestyle is becoming more important to many people. This is not only evident in everyday activities, but also in the foods people consume. In order to live a healthy life, particular care is taken to buy foods that are labeled as “clean”. At first, it just looke

Salmonella: It’s More Pervasive Than You May Think

By Quality Assurance & Food Safety Mag on 16 April 2019

How to detect, prevent, and control this broadly attributed pathogen...

Changes in the Food Safety Industry: Face Them or Ignore Them?

By Food Safety Tech on 11 April 2019

“A new era of smarter food safety is coming,” said Frank Yiannas, FDA’s deputy commissioner of food policy and response, at the GFSI Conference 2019 in Nice, France. He went on to explain, “a smarter food safety is people-led, FSMA-based and technology-enabled.” Afterwards, Yiann

Legionella - two birds with one stone

By Macleans Chimwenye on 04 April 2019

Listeriosis is not the only “L” word you should know about in the food industry. While we have been heavily focused on the consumers of our products, we also need to protect our employees. Fortunately, the controls you should have in place for your food safety management system c

Foodborne Illness - What You Need To Know

By Food Safety Exchange on 04 April 2019

Every year about 48 million people in the United States suffer from a foodborne illness. Most of the illnesses happen suddenly and last a short time. While most people recover on their own without treatment, foodborne illness still causes about 3,000 deaths in the US annually. ¹

Webinar | Will your traceability system meet the requirements of R638?

By Food Focus on 03 April 2019

Join Food Focus as we chat to Deirdre Fryer of SYSPRO about the new legal requirements for traceability now included in Regulation 638 of 2018. She will share practical insights into the requirements and how these can be addressed in any size food handling business.

Tips on how to pass your BRC or FSSC Audit

By Debbie Brandt on 28 March 2019

Any Quality or Technical Manager will admit that FSMS's do not implement and maintain themselves. It takes hard work, dedication and patience - then a new standard is published, and the goal posts are moved. Here are some tips on how to pass your audit.

What’s on your plate? How certification can prevent seafood fraud

By The Conversation on 26 March 2019

About 30% of seafood products – like cod or salmon – across the world may be mislabelled, according to a recent review. The analysis showed that on average nearly a third of all fish products that were tested didn’t match the species stated on the label or food menu.

Disinfection by-products: check them out!

By Nuno F. Soares on 22 March 2019

Ever since Dr. John Snow established in 1854 that water could be a mode of transmission for deadly diseases such as cholera, water disinfection is a basic requirement in all drinking water treatment process....

Genetic Sequencing Sheds Light on Overlooked Pathogen

By Food Quality & Safety on 20 March 2019

Illness from the bacteria Bacillus cereus can mimic the stomach flu, which is why it may not get as much research attention as pathogens such as Listeria and Salmonella, which are more likely to have severe and sometimes fatal health outcomes.

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