WEBINAR I DSA -Let’s troubleshoot cheesemaking and get solutions to your challenges!

By Dairy Standard Agency on 08 June 2024

After the previous cheese fermentation webinar, we received numerous requests for assistance with challenges experienced during cheesemaking.

It was well thought to present a second cheese webinar where the focus will be on troubleshooting the cheesemaking process.

Some of the noted, most common challenges will be addressed you are invited to bring your cheesemaking problems to the table.


And as the saying goes “I’ve never met a problem that cheese couldn’t solve!”

Make sure you register and don’t miss out on an insightful webinar on cheesemaking troubleshooting!

DATE: 26 June 2024

TIME: 10-11am

REGISTER: Click here


Hans Keller achieved his M.Sc (Agric) degree in Microbiology.

He worked for the biggest part of his career at ARC-Irene in the Dairy section as a researcher and was also involved in product development & improvement.

After his ARC days, he acted as a consultant, mainly for Dynamiko (Dairy Cheret), where his focus areas were trouble shooting and training.

Hans was also involved in the establishment of the Grootplaas Cheese Academy.

He is currently retired but not nearly retired from his passion for cheese making and is still an active reader of Science and Technology.