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The selling of wood at fresh produce market

Submited by Vanessa Retief on 19 October 2021

Good Day,  We comply with GFSI certification, now the question arise if the selling of wood are allowed on the floor where fresh produce are being sold? This is now at the fresh produce market.


Pocket Breads

Submited by Gerald Clark on 02 January 2021

I have done some research regarding things like Calzones, Pirogis, Papusas and so forth and found them all classified as Meat Pies. I, contrary to this classification, would have labelled them as Pock


Toxic food sources cured and made edible

Submited by Gerald Clark on 18 December 2020

A discussion in "Aw Nuts!" had me reflecting on the toxicity of certain food sources and how they are cured to allow them to be edible. Primitive peoples had first started curing toxic roots and thing

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Air dryers

Submited by Landi Pelser on 05 June 2020

Are hand air dryers in staff ablutions acceptable in die Food & Bev industry? If so, are there local accredited suppliers?

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Food Safety certification (GFSI) during the COVID-19 global pandemic

Submited by Linda Jackson on 12 May 2020

Hi all I read on the GFSI website that you can apply that your certificate expiry date be extended, if you submit a risk assessment. This is due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.  Will this be


Starting a food business and the law

Submited by Linda Jackson on 08 May 2020

Hi All, For starting a food trailer business, i.e. preparing and selling hotdogs etc. Are there any legal requirements to comply with? Any training that can assist in this regard?   Cheers!

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Minimum reguirement to supply public with fresh produce

Submited by Vanessa Retief on 16 March 2020

Hi,  I know the COA is the minimum requirement to supply the public with any kind of food related item. On the fresh produce market, basically anyone can just arrive with a bakkie full of produc


Identify GFSI in Documentation

Submited by Vanessa Retief on 02 January 2020

Hi, How do I identify the FSA standard in our company documentation? Please can anyone help me?  Thank You.  Regards, Vanessa


Temperature of raw meat during cutting and processing?

Submited by Sunil Dogra on 21 November 2019

Temperature of raw meat during cutting and processing?

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Proper Temperature

Submited by Sunil Dogra on 22 October 2019

What is the proper temperature for a home refrigerator should be?