The SPAR Group launches ‘R1 Billion in Savings’ promotion

By: SPAR Group on 21 June 2024

The SPAR Group launches ‘R1 Billion in Savings’ promotion


The rising cost of living is significantly straining South African consumers' budgets, with food expenses alone exhausting approximately one-third of their income. In response, The SPAR Group has announced its ‘R1 Billion in Savings’ shopper promotion, exclusive to SPAR Rewards customers.

According to FinScope Consumer South Africa 2023 report, groceries account for 30.4% of consumer monthly expenses, with 40% of South African adults having to rely on credit to buy food. These pressing financial challenges highlight the urgent need for solutions to help consumers stretch their budgets. 

Until 22 July, the promotion aims to provide significant financial relief to consumers struggling to make ends meet with substantial discounts across a wide range of products, ensuring that shoppers can enjoy meaningful savings on everyday grocery essentials like SPAR Macaroni or Spaghetti 500g, SPAR Extra Shelf Life Full Cream or Low Fat Milk 2L, and SPAR IQF Chicken Mixed Portions 4kg to name just a few.

"We understand the financial pressures our customers are facing, and we are committed to providing meaningful support through our SPAR Rewards programme. Our R1 Billion in Savings promotion is of our ways to provide much-needed relief from the rising cost of living by putting more on the table, in the fridge and in the cupboards," says Mpudi Maubane, National PR, Communications & Sponsorships Manager at The Spar Group

According to a recent global retail study by Kantar, grocery promotions can save shoppers up to 20-30% on their grocery bills. With the average South African family spending approximately R3,500 per month on groceries, these types of promotions could result in monthly savings of up to R1,050.

“During the course of the entire promotion, families could potentially save R2,100 or more if they manage their budget effectively, making a significant difference in their household budgets”, continues Maubane. “And that’s our aim. This promotion is a direct response to the escalating issue of food pricing and is designed to ease some of these burdens by making essential goods more affordable. We want to make a tangible difference in the lives of our customers and demonstrate our unwavering support for them and for the broader communities that we serve”. 

The special R1 Billion in Savings SPAR Rewards prices will be clearly marked on products in-store and cardholders need only to swipe their card at the till point to ensure they pay the exclusive promotion price. 

Additional benefits of the new SPAR Rewards card include various other substantial discounts when shopping at SPAR; automatic entry into SPAR competitions; a ‘spare’ virtual SPAR Rewards card; and access to unique education and learning opportunities through Upskillist, available on the SPAR SA app. 


Customers can get their SPAR Rewards card in store and register to use it in one of the following ways: 

  • Adding SPAR (0860 313 141) as a WhatsApp contact and saying “Hi!” 
  • Scanning the QR code on the back of your new SPAR Rewards card and follow the instructions (available in store) and sign up online 
  • Dialling **120*7070*CARDNUMBER# and follow the simple instructions 
  • Downloading the SPAR SA app from your app store. 

 For more information on the SPAR Rewards card, visit: