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Download the full  Listeriosis Toolbox Infographic v1.pdf


ADDENDUM  - when/how industry inspections are taking place.


  1. Through SAMPA and the district municipalities (as requested by NDoH Environmental Health for ‘risk assessments’), a list of facilities that produce ready-to-eat processed meat products has been drawn up.

  2. Approximately 186 facilities have been identified.
    The list is not final. New facilities may be added, and others removed based on their production of ready-to-eat processed meat products

  3. Together with the district authorities, each of these facilities will be inspected by members of the listeria incident management team (IMT). The following will be done
    • An inspection using the checklist available on the NICD website (see attached)
    • At least 10 environmental swabs from the post-heat treatment area

  4. Inspections have been ongoing as part of the provincial training exercise. However intensive training commenced on Monday 18th June. We aim to have inspections finalised by 6 July 2018

  5. A report will be produced by the IMT member and sent from NDoH to the district municipality, together with the results

  6. The testing strategy described in the attached SOP/FAQ will be applied
    • If listeria is found in the environment appropriate interventions will be requested – and possibly prohibition notices served
    • If listeria is found in the environment, food from that factory will also be tested.

Addendum provided by:
Dr Kerrigan McCarthy MBBCh, FCPath (Micro), DTM+H, MPhil (Theol)
Incident Manager; Joint WHO/NICD Listeria Incident Management Team
Head: Outbreak Response Unit NICD