BSI guides Milpro Meats throughout the HACCP10330 certification journey

Milpro Meats is a meat processing company established in 2015. Since then, they have grown into a leading meat processing establishment specialising in russian sausages, smokey sausages, bacon and polonies. Their plant is based in Kokstad, KwaZulu Natal. They employ 40 full-time staff members. This privately-owned and wholesale producer distributes processed meat products to the SPAR group, Masscash, Spargs and other retailers.

The implementation of HACCP SANS 10330 helps to ensure the quality and consistency within a company's meat processing plant, enabling them to deliver a safe product while adhering to the South African regulatory obligations.

BSI took the time to understand their needs and helped them through their journey to certification.  Download their case study below.

Published with permission.

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