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Supply chain resilience in an unpredictable world

By SYSPRO on 14 July 2022

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the world cannot afford for manufacturing and distribution to grind to a halt. From the food on our shelves to medical necessities, these sectors are at the heart of our economy and must keep going at all costs.

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The food of the future: the role of standards in sustainable, nutritious diets

By BSI Group South Africa on 20 June 2022

Feeding 10 billion people a nutritious and sustainable diet is a mammoth task, but one we will be facing in the next 25 years. We all agree that the current pressure on our land, oceans and animals can’t continue, which means finding a sustainable way to feed the world’s growing

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Food Safety: Microbiology Testing

By AssureCloud on 04 May 2022

What does microbiology have to do with food safety? More than you think. It is one of the main aspects of overall testing in South Africa, in fact. Failing to do the necessary microbiology testing can result in a slew of complications.

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Traceability in the face of rising recalls

By SYSPRO on 12 May 2022

It’s time for manufacturers to re-examine their facilities and check if they have the right processes and technology in place to handle the challenges they now face. It’s also decision time if inconsistencies are found.

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What you need to know about nutritional profiling

By AssureCloud on 23 March 2022

To consumers, a label on a food product is nothing but a guide to help them make purchasing choices. But to manufacturers of foodstuffs, the labels are much more than that.

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Digital Trust – baking in cyber resilience, with BSI

By BSI Group South Africa on 07 March 2022

Is your business vulnerable to cyberattacks? Cybercriminals have the food industry in their sights, so it pays to have a trusted partner by your side.

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Why your products need to go through a food chemistry testing lab

By AssureCloud on 22 February 2022

Understanding why your products need to go through a food chemistry testing lab.

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Food Safety First

By Testo South Africa on 15 February 2022

In the context of food safety, the entire cold chain must be verifiable. Find out more about Testo’s solutions.

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Protect your food. Protect your process. Hygiene expertise for hygiene excellence.


According to the World Health Organization, one in 10 people fall ill every year from eating contaminated food, and 420,000 people die each year as a result.

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BSI guides Milpro Meats throughout the HACCP10330 certification journey

By BSI Group South Africa on 25 October 2021

South African Regulations require meat processing companies to be certified and to comply with the local requirements. BSI took the time to understand the needs of Milpro Meats and to help them through their journey to certification.

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How have manufacturers and distributors evolved to meet the factory of the future?

By SYSPRO on 02 September 2021

The journey to reaching digital resiliency: pursuing digital transformation initiatives to thrive despite the ongoing pandemic challenges.

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Key ways an ERP supports change management

By SYSPRO on 13 August 2021

One lesson the pandemic has taught us is that companies must be agile if they are to remain competitive in an ever-changing business landscape. Embracing digital transformation is key to this agility.

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The SYSPRO Manufacturing CFO Survey – specific insights for Food and Beverage

By SYSPRO on 16 July 2021

While some governments seem to be floundering when it comes to pandemic exit strategies, manufacturing industry CFOs are looking beyond the current crisis and strategising as to how their organizations can pivot to flourish in these changed circumstances.

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A Guide to Product Testing in Your Food Facility

By SMT LABS (Pty) Ltd on 20 July 2021

Product testing is a crucial factor in food manufacturing industries to ensure that the health of the public is not at risk. It requires a thorough food analysis involving numerous tests, not just microbiology testing.

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Sustainability, opportunity and the circular economy

By BSI Group South Africa on 01 July 2021

Our global economic system has long been dominated by a linear model with a “take, make and dispose” approach to production and consumption. This linear model is wasteful and grounded in short-term thinking.

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ROI: Making your digital QMS measurable

By Testo South Africa on 29 June 2021

Digitalisation is more than a megatrend; it is experienced daily in reality. And since food safety is a necessity for all companies in the food sector, this topic should be treated as a priority in digital transformation.

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ISO/PAS 45005 - Safe working guidance for retail, manufacturing & packaging, restaurants and food services

By BSI Group South Africa on 23 April 2021

ISO/PAS 45005:2020 – General guidelines for safe working during the COVID-19 pandemic provides a systematic approach to building a framework that suits the specific needs of your business.

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Smart ERP solutions for smart factories of the future

By SYSPRO on 19 March 2021

Industry 4.0, the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’, is gaining momentum across industries, and the changes it promises are profound. This includes the emergence of the highly integrated, leaner, and more flexible ‘smart factory’, enabled by connectivity, data, automation, and a ski

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NSF Food Service Audits crucial, especially now

By NSF International on 01 February 2021

NSF Africa started the Food Service Audits (assessments) in 2020. We collaborate with our clients to enhance food safety culture, in order to ensure the correct behaviour of food handlers and other relevant staff.

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Is your supply chain fit to operate under stricter regulations?

By SYSPRO on 23 November 2020

The Food and Beverage industry is tightly regulated when it comes to packaging, labelling, tracking, and measurement. The pressure on produce growers, distributors and suppliers has never been greater.

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