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What To Look Out For When Upgrading Your Manufacturing ERP in 2024

By Anton Oosthuizen on 24 January 2024

The manufacturing industry in South Africa is increasingly recognising the limitations and challenges of legacy ERP systems, or even more antiquated methods like spreadsheets and manual admin processes. These outdated systems can significantly hinder a company's ability to compet

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Fry's wins plant based labelling appeal

By Food Focus on 30 August 2023

Plant-based food brand, Fry's, has won their appeal objecting to a direction issued by the FSA that declared the naming and labelling of six of their products in contravention of Regulation R.1283 (Processed Meat Regulations).

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What is the Impact of Import Tariffs on the SA Poultry Market?

By Guest Author on 31 July 2023

After a 12-month reprieve, punitive trade tariffs on imported chicken will resume on 31 July 2023, heavily impacting South African consumers' pockets.

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South Africa’s small-scale farmers still can’t find a place in the food value chain

By The Conversation on 03 April 2023

In South Africa, the government has used value addition as a policy to try to correct some of the historical imbalances in the agriculture sector, but it remains difficult for small-scale enterprises to commercialise and add value.

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A closer look at the Food & Beverage industry this season

By SYSPRO Pty Ltd on 20 February 2023

Meat, dairy, and fruit farmers must keep their produce at very specific temperatures when in storage and out for delivery. ERP software using IoT and BI help ensure all cold storage requirements are met and deliveries are kept on track.

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Lindt’s chocolate bunny trademark win shows shape matters to consumers

By The Conversation on 21 October 2022

In a move sure to upset chocoholics everywhere, discount supermarket Lidl was recently told to destroy its stocks of chocolate bunnies. The cull was ordered by a Swiss court that decided Lidl’s bunny was too close to confectioner Lindt’s iconic chocolate rabbit.

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RECORDING | What’s Next for Meat Analogue Products?

By Food Focus on 28 August 2022

VIEW THE RECORDING | Join us as we chat to legal eagle Janusz Luterek on what the court interdict means for plant-based producers and manufacturers, and to Donovan Will of ProVeg South Africa, on the ideal outcome for this sector.

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Russia/Ukraine grain export deal promises major benefits for poor countries

By The Conversation on 09 August 2022

If Russia keeps to the deal it has signed with Ukraine allowing for the resumption of grain exports, much needed relief will be provided to importing countries, including many in Africa

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By Food Focus on 18 November 2021

The Food Risk Forum Supplier Directory combines the best of both worlds, bringing you a print directory full of key contacts in the food industry, as well as an online directory that is constantly updated. Sign up to list here.

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South African riots and food security: why there’s an urgent need to restore stability

By Guest Author on 15 July 2021

When South Africa’s president, Cyril Ramaphosa, addressed the nation on July 12 amid violence and destruction of property in parts of KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng provinces, he warned of several risks if the situation was not resolved swiftly. One of them was food security.

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WEBINAR | Purpose in a Time of Turmoil

By Food Focus on 22 June 2021

VIEW THE RECORDING: COVID-19 has made sure life is no longer quite the same. In this webinar, phenomena representative of the turmoil we find ourselves in and how conducting business with a clear purpose can contribute to a better normal will be addressed.

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A Tell All Webinar - Sugar 2021 by SAAFFI

By Guest Author on 08 March 2021

SAAFFI recently hosted one of their successful precise short training courses aimed at educating delegates on the latest trends about the sugar industry and its contributions to South African communities.

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South African policy isn’t connecting child nutrition and sanitation

By Guest Author on 07 January 2021

When faced with complex problems that require coordination and collaboration, government departments almost instinctively retreat to their silos and predetermined responses. As a result, workable solutions often fall through the cracks and citizens pay the price...

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New Normal: Diner Expectations & Trends

By Guest Author on 23 November 2020

It is no secret that the professional foodservice industry has heavily been impacted by COVID-19. The ban on food delivery lifted in some markets, whereas others are reopening restaurants...

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Food Focus Survey - Now Closed

By Food Focus on 20 November 2020

Thank you to the respondents for your valuable feedback - it is much appreciated.

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2021 Supplier Directory Bookings

By Food Focus on 01 November 2020

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South Africans aren't being protected from fake sanitisers: what needs to be done

By Guest Author on 22 October 2020

A wave of panic buying struck many countries when national states of disaster were announced in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Overnight, toilet paper, cleaning products and hand sanitisers became the most sought-after products on the market...

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WEBINAR | New product development - during COVID-19 | Stellenbosch University

By Food Focus on 08 October 2020

Share in the excitement of the new products developed and presented in this webinar by the final year Food Science students. Our apologies for forgetting to mention the winning group. A huge congratulations to the NPD winners, Gear up!

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Women in Compliance and Academia

By Food Focus on 10 September 2020

Catch the recording as Linda Jackso chats to a number of dynamic women in compliance, including Abigail Smith; Shirleen Thesinger; Elna Buys; Reshmee Beedasie; Lindiwe Mmatladi; Sharon Bolel; and Silnia Badenhorst

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CGCSA | Virtual Summit

By CGCSA (Consumer Goods Council of South Africa) on 02 September 2020

The CGCSA annual summit is CGCSA’s flagship event which will for the first time be held on a digital platform due to lockdown restrictions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The theme of this year’s summit is “Uniting the Industry...

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