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Trust, critical thinking and potatoes

By Dave Douches on 21 June 2022

As a scientist working in potato breeding for over 40 years, one may wonder why I am talking about trust and critical thinking. Globally, we struggle to find consensus on sustainable solutions to grand challenges, such as climate change, food security, and most recently, a pandem

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Useful Recycling Organisations and Solutions

By Food Focus on 13 April 2022

Everywhere you look nowadays, we are being told to reduce, reuse, and recycle, so we thought we would compile some information for you on the recycling companies and associations in South Africa, and the main type of products they can accept for recycling.

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A grass native to Africa could transform the continent’s dairy yields. Here’s how...

By Food Focus on 28 September 2021

The cows kept by small-scale farmers in Africa are notoriously unproductive. The average dairy cow produces about 540 litres of milk per lactation. By contrast, dairy cows in North America that belong to commercial or intensive farmers can produce up to 10,479 litres of milk per

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3 Waterwise Strategies for the Food Industry

By Linda Jackson on 24 August 2021

With World Water Week being held from 23-27 August, it’s a good time to revisit some useful strategies to reduce freshwater consumption and wastewater generation

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Microplastics – Now part of our diet

By Linda Jackson on 18 January 2021

A study finds on average people could be ingesting approximately 5 grams of plastic every week, which is the equivalent weight of a credit card.

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Why is Soil Biodiversity Important?

By Bridget Day on 05 December 2020

We celebrate World Soil Day on 5 December to celebrates healthy soils for a food-secure future. This years' campaign is "Keep soil alive, Protect soil biodiversity"

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The environmental impact of five different soft drink containers

By Guest Author on 18 November 2020

People are increasingly aware of the harm plastic waste causes to wildlife, and many would avoid buying single-use plastics if they could help it. But are the alternatives to plastic much better?

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EPR Legislation that WILL change how you handle packaging

By Linda Jackson on 23 September 2020

This Extended Producer Responsibility Legislation WILL change how you handle packaging

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USDA-ARS Turns Food Waste into Edible Wraps

By Guest Author on 24 June 2020

The Agricultural Research Service (ARS) in Albany, Calif., is in the business of turning potentially wasted fruits and vegetables into good-tasting, healthful products. As director of the Western Regional Research Center (WRRC) in Albany, which focuses on solving food-manufacturi

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The 10 Best environmental management practices for the food industry

By Linda Jackson on 05 June 2020

A fascinating report was issued last year by the European Commission's Joint Research Centre for the food and beverage manufacturing sector.This report describes best practices (called best environmental management practices, BEMPs) that can provide food and beverage manufacturer

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Global emissions are way off target: what needs to happen

By Guest Author on 18 March 2020

The emissions gap has grown significantly since 2010, when the first Emissions Gap Report was produced by the United Nations Environment Programme. A comment in Nature led by my colleague Niklas Höhne, professor at the University of Wageningen, reflected on these increases. Our a

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Ordering the vegetarian meal? There's more animal blood on your hands

By Guest Author on 06 January 2020

Being vegetarian saves cows’ lives, but threatens the future of other sentient creatures...

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The Food Waste Challenge: Increase Sustainability & Reduce costs | Infographic

By Testo South Africa SANAS Calibration Lab JHB on 04 December 2019

Reducing food waste is profitable from three points of view. Saving costs, protecting resources and fighting hunger. Take a look at this infographic to see what Testo has to say about their take on food waste...

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Media Release on Foot-And-Mouth Disease: Update

By Food Focus on 29 November 2019

In summary: On 1 November 2019, veterinary services were alerted to clinical signs suspicious for Foot-and Mouth disease (FMD) in a herd of cattle on a farm in the Molemole local municipality of the Capricorn district, Limpopo...

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How can I reduce food waste through effective inventory management?

By SYSPRO Pty Ltd on 07 October 2019

You may have noticed that food waste is trending on many media channels recently. This is an international crisis which we as the food industry must urgently address. It is not only an ethical discussion but consider how many Rands does your business throw into waste every year?

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How 26 Percent of Participants Transferred Bacteria from Raw Chicken to Their Salads

By Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) on 30 August 2019

The debate on whether or not to wash raw poultry is a fierce one, but until recently it was not a debate backed by science. A recent study from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) further demonstrates that individuals are putting themselves at risk of illness when they wash

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Clean THEN Sanitize: A One-Two Punch to Stop Foodborne Illness in the Kitchen

By Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) on 30 August 2019

You’re about to sit down to a nice meal with a freshly cooked chicken breast. You have your dishes in the dishwasher and you’ve finished wiping down your surfaces. You’re done in your kitchen, right? Wrong! Whenever you cook raw meat or poultry, make sure you clean AND sanitize n

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5 Meaningful ways to reduce household waste

By Guest Author on 28 August 2019

5 Meaningful Ways to Reduce Household Waste...

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Award-winning plastic pollution research

By on 22 August 2019

PhD candidate Takunda Chitaka has been investigating exactly what is being washed up on Cape Town's beaches, from straws and sweet wrappers to bottle lids and cotton bud sticks.

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Sustainability and the Straw

By Food Focus on 15 July 2019

Food Focus caught up with KFC this month following the news of their commitment to eliminating plastic straws in their 900 restaurants this month. We wanted to find out more about their sustainability efforts.

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