Thermo Scientific offers visibly simple foodborne pathogen detection

By: Thermofisher on 16 February 2023

Thermo Scientific offers visibly simple foodborne pathogen detection


Thermo Fisher Scientific has simplified the workflow for the SureTect PCR System, by introducing streamlined handling and fail-safe color-coded plates and reagents, to smart, intuitive software and instrumentation.


In the pursuit of food safety, every test matters. There’s no room for uncertainty and no time for retests. When Thermo Fisher experts asked its customers to share their challenges, they put streamlining staff training and eradicating human error at the top of the list.

“Our customers work hard to produce safe food for the world, and our technology helps them do that in the most efficient way possible. The Thermo Scientific SureTect PCR System is trusted globally, but accurate results ultimately depend on the precision of the technicians using it. Because we carefully gather feedback from the people who use the system every day, we’ve been able to innovate to enhance and optimize workflows, and to help our customers generate right-first time, every-time results.” says Nicole Prentice, senior manager, product management, Thermo Fisher.

The enhanced SureTect PCR System workflow, part of Thermo Fisher’s commitment to continual improvement and leadership through innovation, has been designed to help laboratories the world over protect public safety their own reputation and profitability.

Features include:

Streamlined handling: Ready-to-use reagents and ergonomic tools provide a streamlined workflow and ease-of-handling, simplifying staff training and boosting laboratory productivity.

• Pre-dispensed lysis and PCR reagents reduce hands-on time

• Clearly oriented lysis and assay plates reduce the likelihood of human error

• Pierceable lysis tube seals reduce handling steps and risk of cross-contamination

• Workflow tools to simplify the workflow and reduce risk of operator error for a superior user-handling experience

• Internal positive control (IPC) in every PCR well provides confidence in each and every result


Fail-safe: Color-coded plates and reagents reduce the likelihood of human error, enhancing confidence in right-first time results.

• Color indicator in Proteinase K reagent enables pipetted wells to be visually tracked, quickly and easily

• Assay strips color-coded to target pathogen for simple, rapid identification


Smart instrumentation: The updated features are supported by fully automated amplification, detection, data collection, analysis and interpretation, using Thermo Scientific™ RapidFinder™ Analysis Software v2.0 or later.

Validated for a broad range of targets and matrices according to ISO 16140-2:206 by AFNOR and AOAC certification requirements, the SureTect PCR Assay workflows provide the ultimate solution for any food laboratory’s pathogen detection requirements.

“Every day, Thermo Fisher’s solutions help our customers protect food supplies – for everyone.  That’s why we’re so proud of our innovations to reduce the risk of errors and simplify the workflow. The enhanced SureTect PCR System workflow has been designed from the ground up to be faster and safer than ever before.” concludes Jani Holopainen, operations and R&D director, Thermo Fisher.


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