National Tobacco Control Bill - Restaurant Response

By: The Restaurant Voice on 21 July 2023

National Tobacco Control Bill - Restaurant Response

The Restaurant Voice is putting together a draft submission to the National Assembly on the tobacco control bill, and is looking for industry feedback.

Below is a message shared by CEO Wendy Alberts on the topic.

"Among other things, the bill will mean the end of smoking and vaping in all enclosed areas and some outdoor spaces.

The bill’s definition of ‘enclosed’ includes partly enclosed areas like balconies or decks and non-permanent structures such as marquee tents and gazebos.

Restaurants will no longer be allowed to have designated smoking areas or lounges. Customers who want to smoke or vape will have to go outside and walk a “prescribed distance” from the door to smoke. Restaurant staff will be responsible for making sure they comply with this law.

Restaurants will also have to remodel their premises to exclude smoking areas, and put up “no smoking or vaping” signs the law requires.

Additionally, restaurants will be banned from selling tobacco or vape products either ‘over the counter’ or in vending machines.  Prison sentences of up to 10 years can be imposed for failure to comply with these measures.

Please feel free to share your views in context, and the provisions in the bill that you and your businesses find particularly worrying."

The organisation will be compiling a draft submission featuring inputs from the sector.

Please return your comments via WhatsApp to:

Wendy Alberts, CEO
The Restaurant Voice
WhatsApp: 0836619000

Alternatively, The Portfolio Committee on Health has opened the Tobacco Products and Electronic Delivery Systems Control Bill for public comment.

Submissions can be made between 21 June 2023 and 4 August 2023.

Comments can be emailed to

or online at