Listeria Class Action Team Commends Tiger Brands Transparency

By: Food Focus on 27 April 2018

Listeria Class Action Team Commends Tiger Brands Transparency

Johannesburg, South Africa – The offices of Richard Spoor Inc., Attorneys, LHL Attorneys Incorporated and Marler Clark commend Tiger Brands on its transparency in releasing Listeria testing information to shareholders. Tiger Brands released a statement to shareholders on 25 April 2018 confirming the presence of the LST6 Listeria outbreak strain in its facilities and, as a result, the Enterprise facilities in Polokwane, Pretoria, and Germiston will remain closed until the problem is fixed.


According to Tiger Brands, “the purpose of this announcement is to update shareholders on the results of the independent laboratory re-testing which was carried out in respect of the presence of LST6 in the above samples.”


“This confirmation of what the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) reported that this outbreak of Listeria came from the Polokwane factory of Enterprise foods and what today’s statement amounts to is the acknowledgement by the company that indeed this outbreak does come from their factory,” said Lawyer Richard Spoor. “We look forward to working with Tiger Brands’ lawyers and insurers to find an equatble solution for its injured consumers,” added Spoor.


Zain Lundell of LHL Attorneys explained that Tiger Brands’ announcement regarding the results of its independent testing was very helpful in that it further demonsrated the causal link between Tiger Brands’ processed meat products and individuals who became ill or even died as a result of eating those processed meat products. He also noted that he hoped the recent announcement regarding Tiger Brands’ independent testing would result in a speedy and just settlement for individuals affected by the tragic Listeria outbreak.”


According to William Marler, of the US Food Safety Law Firm, Marler Clark, “Tiger Brands should be commended for its transparency with the government and the public, this will go far to restoring consumer confidence.”


Richard Spoor Inc., Attorneys and LHL Attorneys Incorporated have agreed to consolidate the two class actions brought by the two firms against Tiger Brands. The two firms, in partnership with Marler Clark, the leading US Food Safety Law Firm, currently represents 140 people affected by the outbreak. Attorneys are currently in the process of collecting medical records and epidemiological evidence related to the case.


As of April 20, 2018, there are 1019 laboratory confirmed Listeria cases in South Africa and almost 200 people have died. This is the largest Listeria outbreak in history. For more information, visit