KrielTech Introduces Bactiscan: A Cutting-Edge Solution for Pathogen Detection in Food Processing

By: KrielTech on 18 September 2023

KrielTech Introduces Bactiscan: A Cutting-Edge Solution for Pathogen Detection in Food Processing

KrielTech, a leading provider of innovative solutions, is delighted to announce the distribution of Bactiscan, the state-of-the-art pathogen detection system designed specifically for food processors, retailers, and hospitals. This groundbreaking technology revolutionizes how pathogens are identified, offering a rapid and reliable solution to ensure safety and maintain exceptional hygiene standards in the industry.

With the ever-increasing importance of food safety and the growing concern about nosocomial infections, the need for efficient detection and prevention of pathogens has never been more critical. Traditional testing methods often take an extended period, delaying decision-making processes and putting consumer health at risk. Bactiscan solves these issues by offering a cutting-edge solution that detects a wide range of pathogens accurately, quickly, and cost-effectively.

The key highlights of Bactiscan include:

1. Rapid Pathogen Detection: Bactiscan is equipped with advanced UV technology that delivers quick and accurate results, reducing detection time from days to mere minutes. This ensures timely action and faster decision-making, resulting in enhanced safety for consumers and patients.

2. Comprehensive Pathogen Identification: Bactiscan has the ability to detect a wide range of pathogens commonly found in food processing, retail, and healthcare industries. Whether it's surface bacterial contaminants or “inside equipment” contamination, Bactiscan provides an all-encompassing solution that facilitates proactive prevention and minimises health risks.

3. User-Friendly Interface: Bactiscan's intuitive software interface makes it easy for operators to use the system, eliminating the need for extensive training. The user-friendly design streamlines the testing process, allowing businesses to adapt to the technology effortlessly.

4. Significant Cost and Time Savings: By significantly reducing the time required for pathogen detection, Bactiscan enables businesses to optimize their resources and minimize operational costs. The system's efficiency also translates into reduced labour expenses, empowering organizations to focus on core processes and drive growth.

KrielTech CEO, Gerhard Kriel, expressed his enthusiasm about this collaboration, stating, "We are thrilled to introduce Bactiscan to the market. This powerful technology addresses a critical need in various sectors such as food processing, retail, and healthcare. By providing a rapid and reliable pathogen detection solution, Bactiscan empowers businesses to maintain the highest level of product and patient safety while streamlining their operations. What took me weeks to do years ago, now takes minutes."

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