African Regional Apimondia Symposium

By: Apimondia on 19 January 2023

African Regional Apimondia Symposium

Bees are probably the most important part of the biodiversity on which we all, irrespective of colour, culture or religion depend for survival. There are currently more than 20 000 known bee species in the world, some species in abundance, some on the verge of extinction. We harvest the honey, use the medicinal properties from pollen and propolis, and make *=candles from their wax, yet in general, we treat them just as badly as we do mother earth. Industrialised agricultural practices like monocultures, the use of pesticides, irresponsible destruction of swarms, theft, vandalism - the list goes on. 

So, what is "Beekeeping", it is in essence both an art and a science and can be practiced or farmed with as little as one hive in your garden as a hobbyist to several hundred hives commercially kept in apiaries.

Apiculture is the keeping of bees on a commercial scale. Apimondia is the foundation that supports all bee-related activities. Apimondia as an organisation was founded in 1895. The name Apimondia is a compound word made from two words: 0api, referring to honey bees, and mondia, referring to the world.

A group of enthusiastic South African Bee farmers attended the 2022 International Apimondia Symposium in Istanbul in Turkey and decided that Africa needs its own African stamp on the International Bee Industry.

Heading into 2023, South Africa is the host country for the African Regional Apimondia Symposium (ARAS) which is the first ever in Africa.

The focus around ARAS is to create a platform for not only the commercial farmers but the newbies as well as the hobbyists. A platform where we can avail the abundance of Africa to all. Opportunities to network, to share, to teach, and uplift. 

The Bee industry worldwide is under threat from fake and adulterated products, from honey to plastic wax(Largely from China) and this obviously has a negative impact on livelihoods, how does one compete? As such ARAS is looking to build a strong support base for the farmers to protect their own and help it grow.

As inhabitants of this planet, and consumers of the product, the best thing we can do is support initiatives like this by going to the event, listening to the talks, buying the merchandise,9 meeting your local bee farmer, and get involved.

The event is from 20-24 March 2023 at the Inkosi Albert Luthuli International Convention Centre in Durban

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