Welcome back to sit down restaurants

By Linda Jackson on 29 June 2020

Welcome back to sit down restaurants

I am sure that one of the things you have missed during lockdown has been your favourite eatery. Well from today, they are back. But with a few extra requirements to accompany your meal.

In a press briefing on Friday evening (26 June), Kubayi-Ngubane said that government has developed clear rules for both delivery and sit-down restaurants.It should be noted that a full directive – containing all of the required rules – will be gazetted on Monday (29 June).

The new rules will also apply from Monday so make sure you use our checklist to comply.

What definitely can’t be done:

  • No serving of alcohol for consumption on site
  • No sale of cigarettes

What you HAVE to do about guests:

  • Screening of patrons with a questionnaire. Restaurants may refuse admission if they deem a guest is a safety risk;
  • Ensure your patrons where a mask which must be worn at all times except where eating and drinking;
  • Provide hand sanitiser for all guests before entering the premises;
  • Physical distancing markers must ensure there is a distance of at least 1.5 metres between the customer and the point-of-sale serving counter, also between queuing customers and between queues at different till points and tables must be placed so that patrons are seated 1.5 metres apart;
  • Implementing a reservation system is advised where possible to manage demand and ensure capacity limits.

What you have to do about the Food services

  • No self-service buffets are allowed;
  • Replace your existing menus with non-touch options preferably or menus must be sanitised after each use;
  • Tables must be sanitised before and after each seating;
  • Where possible and while taking orders, waiting staff should stand at least a metre from the table.

General rules which you should already have in place if you have been open for delivery and take aways

  • Each employee must continue to be screened on arrival and departure for shifts with a record; this includes your delivery drivers
  • All employees should be provided with masks and hand sanitiser (Employees should be washing their hands not just sanitising)
  • Employees should sanitise before and after all card payments;
  • Employees should maintain a distance of at least 1.5 metres at all times, make sure workstations are set up to accommodate this as far as possible
  • Only one employee should occupy scullery areas and use handwash basins at a time;
  • Make sure you have proper cleaning procedures in place and pay much more attention to high touch points including the bathrooms, door handles and counters.


The Regulations DO NOT impose a restrictive number on how many guests are allowed to be served onsite - provided the social distancing directions are adhered to. This has been confirmed by the Department of Tourism.

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