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Romer Expands Food Allergen Testing with Mollusk Test Kit

09 December 2019

ELISA kit can test for traces of the allergen in foodstuffs, drinks, rinse waters and samples taken from surface swabs.

Food Safety and Quality: Soon in the Hands of “Gen Z”

09 December 2019

On October 21, 2019, FDA Deputy Commissioner for Food Policy and Response Frank Yiannas and his team met with industry leaders to discuss what the agency refers to as a New Era of Smarter Food Safety. One of the first panelists to talk that day was...

Uber rival plans to launch Bolt Food delivery service

05 December 2019

Uber Technologies rival Bolt — formerly known as Taxify — said on Wednesday that it has doubled its South African footprint in the past year, launching ride-hailing services in 34 secondary towns and cities in all nine provinces.

Inspecting wet and conductive products remains a challenge for meat processors

06 December 2019

Inspecting wet and conductive products remains a challenge for meat and poultry processors, according to Fortress Technology.

Your next food delivery could come from a South African ‘ghost kitchen’

05 December 2019

Also called 'dark', 'virtual' or 'cloud' kitchens, they are shared cooking spaces that serve as hubs for online deliveries. Different brands prepare their food in the same space, which are then sent out as ordered. The kitchens don't offer a dine-in option.

Burger King South Africa owner looking to sell majority stake

05 December 2019

Grand Parade Investments (GPI) is in talks to offload a majority stake in Burger King South Africa. In an interview with BusinessDay, GPI founder and chair Hassen Adam said that the proposed sale would reduce the group’s stake in Burger King from 96% to “a non-operational minorit

Zimbabwe facing ‘man-made’ starvation, UN expert warns

03 December 2019

Zimbabwe is facing “man-made” starvation with 60 percent of the people failing to meet basic food needs, a UN special envoy said Thursday after touring the southern African country.

To Protect Food Quality, Start With the Data

03 December 2019

Grocers are at the sharp end of the food chain, so FDA’s New Era of Smarter Food Safety initiative will have a big impact on them.

South Africa’s Agriculture Minister Rejects Monsato’s GM Maize Seed

03 December 2019

Amidst the clamor that surrounds Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) globally, a small but significant triumph panned out in South Africa last month...

Hotels Experiment With Reducing Food Waste: Will All-You-Can-Eat Buffets Be History?

03 December 2019

Hotels are known for wanting to please their guests, and feeding them is one way of doing it. But food waste deteriorates the environment. Hotels are making an effort to cut down on it. So they are earning praise for trying, but they have a long way to go...

Aussie households underestimating their food waste

03 December 2019

Fight Food Waste CRC has released the Food Waste: National Benchmarking Study Summary Report, a comprehensive survey that benchmarks the household behaviours and motivations towards food waste in Australia.

Tiger Brands investing R100m in emerging farmers

02 December 2019

Tiger Brands has invested R40m for emerging farmers, and in two years that will have soared to more than R100m, its chief corporate affairs and sustainability officer, Mary-Jane Morifi, said.

This world map rates countries by the sustainability of their food systems

02 December 2019

Food systems are going to need to be resilient to withstand climate change’s effects on agriculture. Looking at 20 factors, researchers now have a big picture about which countries are most under threat.

Three Ways to Thaw a Turkey

28 November 2019

While frozen, a turkey is safe indefinitely. As soon as it begins to thaw, bacteria that may have been present before freezing will begin to grow again. Here are three ways to safely thaw your bird...

515,000 pounds of pork products recalled

25 November 2019

Maywood, IL-based Morris Meat Packing is recalling 515,000 pounds of various raw, intact pork products that were produced without the benefit of federal inspection. These items were shipped to distributors and retail locations in Illinois.

Confusion about when cleanliness matters is making us ill

25 November 2019

Too clean or not too clean? Public health experts reveal the nine moments when you're most likely to be infected by harmful bacteria

Poor hand hygiene may be biggest transmitter of superbug E.coli

25 November 2019

One of the best ways to cut down on antibiotic-resistant E. coli infections would be making sure that everyone washes their hands after using the toilet, a UK study suggests.

Hepatitis A outbreak hits 3 states; implicated blackberries sent to 8 others

25 November 2019

It’s too late for people who ate fresh blackberries from Fresh Thyme Farmers Market grocery stores in September to take post-exposure vaccines, but it’s not too late for them to become ill from the hepatitis A virus that is believed to have contaminated the berries.

Taste to offload Maxi’s and Fish & Chip Co

19 November 2019

Listed company Taste says it will dispose of two food brands – Maxi’s and Fish & Chip Co – in-line with its new strategy to exit the local food market.

African Swine Fever Spreading

14 November 2019

A sharp reduction in the world’s pig population would lead to possible food shortages and high pork prices, and it might also cause shortfalls in the many products made from pigs, such as the blood-thinner heparin that’s used in people, said Dr. Mark Schipp, the organization’s pr

The Green Climate Fund must be a champion for real sustainability

14 November 2019

Its niche has to be true sustainability — the ability to generate climate-conscious and socially beneficial results in regions that need them the most, and which multiply with successive generations

South Africa unprepared for drought disaster, AgriSA warns government

14 November 2019

While the climate crisis has not yet necessitated the declaration of a national disaster, agricultural organisation AgriSA pleads for the government to recognise that the country is not prepared for a disaster and a lot of work must be done...

Vision Is Needed to Re-imagine A Broken Food System

14 November 2019

“Reimagining the food system of the future means so much more than finding ways to ensure that supply meets demand,” says Sara Farley, Managing Director of The Rockefeller Foundation’s Food Initiative...

What is Meat? New Bill Aims to Define It

11 November 2019

Last week Rep. Anthony Brindisi (D-NY) and Rep. Roger Marshall (R-KS.) proposed the Real Marketing Edible Artificials Truthfully Act (Real MEAT Act) to Congress, which would establish strict guidelines against labeling alternative proteins as “meat.” Although the meat versus plan

Brew Dr. Kombucha faces 2nd class action lawsuit over probiotic bacteria labeling

11 November 2019

A second class action lawsuit was filed against Brew Dr. Kombucha alleging that its products falsely advertised the levels of probiotic bacteria that was in each beverage. According to lab tests, the “Clear Mind” kombucha drink contains 50,000 CFUs of probiotic bacteria per bottl

More than 52 million people across Africa going hungry as weather extremes hit the continent [EN/AR]

11 November 2019

Millions displaced; women, girls hit hardest; crises compounded by conflicts, poverty and inequality; $700m average climate-related losses; urgent action needed now...

Climate change plagues Western Cape agriculture

08 November 2019

“The effects of climate change are unfolding before our eyes.” So says Janse Rabie, Agri SA policy head for natural resources. “Unpredictability in weather patterns and the associated impacts makes planning considerably more difficult and heighten the risk for farming in South Af

FDA criticized for waiting 6 weeks to announce latest romaine lettuce E. coli outbreak

07 November 2019

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said Oct. 31 an E. coli outbreak associated with romaine lettuce sickened 23 people in 12 states between July 12 and Sept. 8. While 11 people were hospitalized, the agency said no deaths were reported, the active investigation has wrapped up

Poultry processing equipment may harbor persistent salmonella

07 November 2019

Stringent environmental sampling plans and appropriate follow-up actions may help eliminate persistent salmonella strains from second unit processing equipment. The prevalence of salmonella in poultry and poultry products is a source of concern for the poultry industry, consumers

FDA may add sesame to list of major food allergens requiring label disclosure

07 November 2019

An estimate of 17 percent of children who have food allergies are allergic to sesame, according to research published in Pediatric Allergy and Immunology. Sesame is one of the 10 most common childhood food allergies and severe reactions are common.

FDA Releases List of Records Required Under Foreign Supplier Verification Program

06 November 2019

Prompted by a series of deadly foodborne illness outbreaks, many tied to imported foods, in 2011 the U.S. Congress signed the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) into law. The goal was to develop food safety regulations focused on prevention across the entire supply chain...

Township crèches must now register, says government

06 December 2019

Formalisation of ECD sector is putting pressure on facilities already working with the bare minimum

Food manufacturers also have a role to play in responsible disposal of waste products

05 November 2019

Following the 2018 listeriosis outbreak that claimed the lives of more than 200 people, food safety in the production value chain has understandably come under the spotlight. The danger to producers, and consumers, is that the threat of contamination remains ever-present unless p

‘Unbundling of Eskom could boost SA agriculture’

05 November 2019

To ensure its survival and sustainability, Eskom is planning to unbundle its generation, transmission and distribution operations, which will become distinct legal entities by December 2022.

New Tuberculosis Vaccine Could be a Game Changer

04 November 2019

While a new vaccine for TB might not see the market for another couple years, researchers are very optimistic it could be hugely helpful in treating TB worldwide...

Marine Stewardship Council Doubles Funding to Safeguard Our Oceans

04 November 2019

The world’s leading sustainable seafood ecolabel, the MSC, has increased its Ocean Stewardship Fund to close to £2 million by redirecting a proportion of funds from the sale of products with the blue fish label into research and projects aimed at ending overfishing.

Health council wants law on ‘cottage’ foods clarified to protect the public

09 December 2019

The State Health Council, which includes two state senators, approved the proposed changes during a special meeting this week. The council doesn’t want additional regulations but rather wants to make clear certain aspects of existing law, according to a statement released by top

Taste sells Starbucks South Africa for R7 million

01 November 2019

Listed management group Taste Holdings says it has entered into an agreement to sell the Starbucks master franchise licence for South Africa for R7 million.

Ntando Duma is bringing kasi food to your door with Spaza Eats

31 October 2019

Actress Ntando Duma is expanding her business portfolio. The former Rhythm City star has launched an app called Spaza Eats. The app will deliver food that is sold by spaza shops in township locations right to your door. Yes, you can now have your favourite kotas, mogudu, magwinya

NOSA to acquire Deltamune’s laboratory business

31 October 2019

NOSA Group, a leading global occupational health and safety (OHS) risk management solutions provider, has signed an agreement to acquire 100% of the Deltamune group’s laboratory business (a leader in diagnostic testing and salmonella serotyping). The acquisition remains...

CEO Darren Hele breaks down Famous Brands’s half-year results

31 October 2019

Famous Brands has released its interim results for the six months-end August 2019. The food services franchisor which owns Mugg & Bean, Steers and Wimpy has seen a rise of consumers ordering food online, putting the sustainability of restaurants on the line. The group declared...

Dairy company manager told staff not to report positive listeria results for years

30 October 2019

Prosecution lifts lid on manager at an Auckland dairy factory who told staff to hide positive listeria results and risked damaging a vital NZ industry. Sam Hurley reports. A top New Zealand dairy company has been ordered to pay nearly $450,000 after a former manager directed sta

How long does my food stay safe after the power goes out?

31 October 2019

Food safety during a power outage comes down to temperature, so the best way to accurately monitor your food is with an appliance thermometer. Found at most hardware or grocery stores, place them in your refrigerator and freezer before an outage so you can properly gauge the temp

WFP to dispose of compromised food stocks

28 October 2019

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) will begin destroying global stocks of a blended food product, identified as a source of sickness among people who consumed it in Uganda earlier this year.

Are you making these 6 food-safety mistakes?

25 October 2019

Food safety can be affected by high employee turnover, gaps in training, and simply, a lack of understanding of its importance in protecting customers. With National Food Safety Month just coming to a close, now is a good time to communicate to your staff on some of the top food

Europe wants help to support future food safety system

24 October 2019

The European Commission has launched a funding call for help to support food safety systems of the future.Proposals must aim to develop a research and innovation platform for collaboration across food safety stakeholders in Europe. This should involve national food safety authori

Is Biodiversity the Missing Piece of Food Safety?

24 October 2019

Food safety concerns demand you prevent wildlife intruding into your fields. While the fruit and vegetable industry has created ingenious ways to keep fields as clean as possible, we’ve learned fences are not always animal proof.

Ensuring cleaning and hygiene standards

23 October 2019

The rise of the ready-to-eat meal has driven cleaning and hygiene standards to an all-time high. Food technology specialist, Hein Timmerman, explores the procedures that companies should be implementing to ensure they meet these targets, while keeping costs low and efficiency hig

Brexit risks to SA agriculture are now minimal, but not eliminated

23 October 2019

As Brexit unfolds without a clear and predictable outcome, the question is, what are the implications of various possible outcomes for South Africa and the region’s agriculture sector?

Heatwave set to hit quantity and quality of agri produce

24 October 2019

Widespread heatwave conditions are expected across large parts of South Africa from Friday, affecting agricultural output and the quality of fresh produce and grazing.

The sugar wars are about to change your food label. Here’s why

21 October 2019

Food and drinks loaded with added sugars are cheap, tasty, and everywhere. Yet evidence suggests that a diet that gets a large percentage of calories from added sugars is associated with metabolic disorders that lead to cardiovascular disease and diabetes. In the US, public healt

As the lab-grown meat industry grows, scientists debate if it could exacerbate climate change

21 October 2019

This month, Israeli-based company Future Meat Technologies raised $14 million to build a production plant for its cultured meat products, joining several dozen other start-ups poised to launch their first commercial products within the next couple years...

About 300 Gauteng pupils fall ill after allegedly eating sweets from local hawker

18 October 2019

About 300 primary school pupils in Orange Farm have been treated for stomach cramps and vomiting after they allegedly ate sweets from a local hawker on Thursday...

Warning over crushed garlic

18 October 2019

AN influx of crushed garlic from China has been “dumped” on the South African retail market, with experts cautioning consumers to be wary of cheap products that may contain other ingredients like peanuts.

Importer expands recall because of poisoning risk from frozen tuna

17 October 2019

A Florida company is expanding its recall of tuna because the fish poses the risk of scombroid poisoning. Mical Seafood Inc. imported the tuna from Vietnam and sent it to 23 states...

The importance of packaging in food safety

17 October 2019

When considering food safety, it’s typical to begin with sanitation, cross-contamination, equipment, hygiene and any number of other aspects. It’s easy to forget the important role packaging plays in keeping your food products as safe as possible.

FDA Announces ‘Smarter Food Safety’ Initiative to Address Tech Innovation

17 October 2019

Norman Sharpless, acting commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Win McNamee/Getty Images. Regulators have taken notice of the fast-moving “food innovation” category, and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is launching a safety initiative to address it...

Pioneer, which owns Liqui-Fruit and Sasko, is one step closer to Pepsi takeover

16 October 2019

Pioneer Foods [JSE:PFG] says it is closer to fulfilling the conditions for its takeover by the US food and drinks giant PepsiCo for about R24.4bn.

Didiza refuses local triple-stacked GM maize seed release

16 October 2019

Reactions have been mixed to news that South Africa’s minister of agriculture Thoko Didiza has upheld previous refusals to allow the general release of Bayer’s triple-stacked genetically modified (GM) maize seed technology for production in the country.

Codex Alimentarius approves global trade standard for ware potatoes proposed by India

15 October 2019

Draft quality standards for ware potatoes proposed to the Codex Alimentarius Commission by India during its recent meeting in Mexico, were approved and will apply to global trade in potatoes...

Bacon Addicts, Beware: Top Pork Producer Warns of Belly Shortage

15 October 2019

It’s scary news for bacon fans: The U.S. could see tight supplies, or even some shortages of pork bellies along with ham next year as the spread of a pig-killing disease in China ripples through the global market.

Antibiotic resistance in food animals nearly tripled since 2000

15 October 2019

The growing appetite for animal protein in developing countries has resulted in a smorgasbord of antibiotic consumption for livestock that has nearly tripled the occurrence of antibiotic resistance in disease-causing bacteria easily transmitted from animals to humans, according t

More food recalled because of Listeria problem with Tip Top Poultry

11 October 2019

Another recall in a series of actions taken by companies in the U.S. and Canada in relation to a Listeria outbreak is underway. A Washington company is pulling sandwiches it made with chicken from Tip Top Poultry.

Tongaat Hulett creating new stability for emerging farmers ahead of exit from SA sugarcane farming

11 October 2019

Agri-processing giant, Tongaat Hulett last Wednesday announced the establishment of FarmCo, a transformation initiative to ensure that land which has been targeted for future property development remains productive under sugarcane.

FoodForward SA achieves global recognition for its food security efforts

11 October 2019

South African NGO FoodForward SA beat out numerous contenders to secure the annual Arrell Global Food Innovation Award in the Community Category for 2019. The prestigious award, launched last year is an initiative of the Arrell Food Institute and recognises global leaders seeking

Leading US grower-shipper joins PMA’s gold circle campaign, strengthening commitment to food safety

10 October 2019

Utah based Onions 52 has reinforced its commitment to food safety by joining the Produce Marketing Association’s (PMA) gold circle campaign...

Science on safety of chlorinated chicken 'misunderstood'

10 October 2019

Government’s assurances that there are no health problems are misleading, say food policy experts

Dutch airline may have served Listeria contaminated meat

10 October 2019

Dutch airline KLM has issued a warning after it came out that meat products contaminated with Listeria may have been served on some of its flights.

Listeriosis class action case could be delayed for years

09 October 2019

The class action brought against Tiger Brands following a listeriosis outbreak caused by some of its products could take years before it finally gets to court.

Food manufacturers face “alarming” rise in risks insurer

07 October 2019

Delta Insurance has released a new whitepaper on food safety risk following its introduction of a new insurance offering for food manufacturers.

DuPont launches new dairy-free cultures

07 October 2019

DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences has announced a new ingredient – Holdbac YM Vege.

Bidcorp to dispose of Best Food Logistics business in the UK

07 October 2019

International food services business Bid Corporation (Bidcorp) is to dispose of its Best Food Logistics business in the UK as part of its strategy to exit non-core assets. The group yesterday said that it would sell the logistics business to the Booker Group, a wholly owned subsi

Air passengers advised to pack their own food

07 October 2019

The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa) has advised airline passengers to pack their own food as it prepares for a strike at Air Chefs from Monday, October 7, 2019

Industry in Midst of a Revolution, Tech Must Help Advance Food Safety, Says FDA

04 October 2019

At the 2019 Food Safety Consortium, Frank Yiannas, FDA deputy commissioner for food policy & response, discussed the evolution of FSMA and the role that technology must play in providing better transparency and traceability.

Chemists obtain new material for antibacterial food coatings

03 October 2019

RUDN University chemists have developed a simple and convenient method for producing derivatives of the natural polymer chitosan. These derivatives are non-toxic and have a pronounced antibacterial activity at the level of modern antibiotics. These substances can be used in the p

SA's edible crockery excites global taste buds

03 October 2019

SA is still the land of styrofoam and plastic takeaway food containers, but it’s also the home of what is believed to be the world’s first edible bowl.

Rules on production of processed meat will protect consumers, say authorities

03 October 2019

The DTI says the new regulations seek to enable inspection of processing plants to avoid another tragedy like the recent listeriosis outbreak

Tea now comes with a side of billions of microplastics per cup

02 October 2019

Here’s the tea: You may be swallowing billions of microplastics while sipping a cup of tea, according to a new study from McGill University.

Some ‘farm-fresh milk’ in South Africa is actually imported from Poland here’s how to tell

01 October 2019

One of SA’s most popular long-life milk brands, First Choice, imports some of its milk from Poland, Landbouweekblad reported...

Nestle tightens controls on coffee beans after weedkiller scare

01 October 2019

Nestle will tighten quality controls on the coffee beans it buys, after tests flagged levels of the controversial weedkiller glyphosate that were close to regulatory limits...

Trump is deregulating food safety in the pork industry

27 September 2019

A new rule approved on September 17 by US president Donald Trump deregulates part of the process that makes sure the nation’s pork supply is safe to eat—reducing oversight and relying more heavily on the industry to monitor itself.

Pick N Pay Rolls Out Its Lifetime Budget Reusable Bag

25 September 2019

Pick n Pay is rolling out its new budget green People n Planet reusable bag nationally after a successful trial with customers earlier this year. The bag is expected to be in all stores by mid-October.

HACCP Compliance Is Vital for Food Safety; Achieving Standards Made Easier with Solutions from GoatThroat Pumps

25 September 2019

An effective food safety management system is critical for proper handling of produce throughout the entire food cycle. For farms and businesses using liquid chemical treatments, HACCP compliance can be achieved with the use of the right pump for transfers and mixing. GoatThroat

How dangerous are chemicals in plastic consumer products?

20 September 2019

By now, most people know the Earth is overwhelmed with plastic. It drifts in our oceans and swims in our drinking water, piling up in landfills to last for generations. To combat the plastic pollution, you do what you can, taking reusable bags to the grocery store and not using s

Denmark just became the first country to ban PFAS 'forever chemicals' from food packaging

20 September 2019

Denmark will be the first country to ban PFAS chemicals, which have been linked to cancer, elevated cholesterol and decreased fertility, from food packaging, starting next year.

No more ‘eating’ paper Maties student, 19, wins prize for edible straws

19 September 2019

There is nothing more “sucky” than when a paper straw collapses while you’re trying to sip your drink. So a Stellenbosch University student decided to create an edible straw that would allow people to enjoy their drinks and still be environmentally-conscious.

The Importance of Establishing Food Safety Indicators to Improve National/International Food Safety Systems

17 September 2019

“What gets measured gets done” is an important saying that food safety bodies/authorities must follow to strengthening national and international food safety system(s). To do so, effective food safety performance indicators must be selected and/or developed (Figure 1). These indi

Three people die and over 200 infected in Spain listeria outbreak

17 September 2019

Three people have died and at least 222 have been infected in Spain’s largest-ever outbreak of listeria, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said on Monday.

Thousands to lose jobs at Tongaat Hulett

16 September 2019

The human impact of the huge financial meltdown faced by sugar giant Tongaat Hulett bit this week, when 210 families living in the company compound were told to pack their bags.

Salmonella Uganda Papaya Outbreak over after 81 Sickened in 9 States

13 September 2019

The CDC, public health and regulatory officials in several states, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) investigated a multistate outbreak of Salmonella Uganda infections.

Restaurants under pressure to also meet new waste management rules

13 September 2019

Companies across a host of different industries are at risk of falling foul of new legislation that has come into effect as from 23 August this year. The Waste Classification and Management Regulations have introduced far stricter prohibitions on the disposal of materials in a bi

When food fights become a smokescreen for unfair trade barriers

12 September 2019

The European Union is infamous for its strict food import regulations. It uses precautionary measures with scant scientific basis as an excuse to protect its local farmers. South African citrus growers have been caught up in this red tape for decades.

University of Minnesota report reveals growing threat of cyberattacks to food safety

12 September 2019

A new report by University of Minnesota researchers indicates cyberattacks pose a rising threat to food production and safety...

10 must-haves in a food testing laboratory partner

12 September 2019

Choosing the perfect laboratory to collaborate with is a difficult decision. Here, Nestlé’s Fabien Robert and Amy Bethel explain the key factors to look for

Food safety standards in an increasingly globalised world

12 September 2019

As trade becomes ever more globalised it is important that food safety standards are enforced, says the FSA’s Steve Wearne.

Residents stage protest after no update on effluent spill into Duzi

11 September 2019

Residents from Sobantu, Eastwood, Cinderella Park, Madiba and Pavilion informal settlements staged a protest outside Willowton Oil Mills offices on Monday, following a massive effluent spill into the Duzi River last month.

Shoppers overestimate perishable grocery habits, causing food waste

11 September 2019

A new Ohio State University (OSU) study on grocery consumption published in Resources, Conservation and Recycling confirms that U.S. shoppers drastically overestimate how much refrigerated food they will finish...

Seven Listeria infections linked to organic dairy products

10 September 2019

Seven people in France have been infected with the same strain of Listeria after consuming organic dairy products. The outbreak was identified by the National Reference Center for Listeria and an eighth case is under investigation...

Why South Africans could be hit with huge water bills next year

10 September 2019

Oh good, our water is getting more expensive" - said nobody, ever. Proposals to crank-up the tariffs could be in place within the next six months.

Researcher presents method to detect norovirus in food

10 September 2019

A rapid method to detect human noroviruses in food has been proposed in Finland.The findings were part of a doctoral dissertation comparing four published extraction methods for detection of norovirus in lettuce, ham, and frozen berries...

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