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Listeria Prevention Measures

24 April 2018

As we move forward from the 2018 Listeriosis Outbreak, what do YOU think is the most necessary measure that needs to be put in place to prevent similar outbreaks in the future?

ISO 9001 or FSSC 22000-Q ?

11 July 2017

Do you have a fully functional ISO 9001 system in place to manage quality, and have no plans on changing that. Or are you considering dropping your ISO 9001 certification in favour of FSSC 22000-Q?

Will you still use SANS 10330 in 2017?

10 January 2017

The debate is heated - should we continue using South African standards such as SANS 10330 or should we adopt international GFSI benchmarked standards? Are you going to use SANS 10330 in your facility this year? (Please share your opinions in the comments below.)

Wooden pallets or plastic pallets?

08 December 2016

So there's a lot of debate about which is safer, wooden or plastic? Tell us what you use in your facility, and let's see what is more common.