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Established in 1999 as Africon, AssureCloud is Southern Africa’s largest and most comprehensive food safety, environmental, veterinary, and occupational hygiene laboratory group. Our goal is to prevent illness and injury caused by occupational hazards and food safety issues by identifying and monitoring risks that may cause disease or other workplace or food-related risk. Through the strategic acquisition of innovative companies such as Deltamune Laboratories, and SAI Global Africa Assurance (QPRO and SAIGAS), AssureCloud is a global leader in Food Safety and Occupational Health and Safety.


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Sustaining hygiene compliance through audits

By AssureCloud on 30 November 2022

Globally, food safety is the primary concern for food and beverage companies. Failure to adhere to food safety compliance through hygiene compliance audits and ongoing monitoring and measurement can result in fines, reputational damage and potentially illness in consumers.

Food Safety: Microbiology Testing

By AssureCloud on 04 May 2022

What does microbiology have to do with food safety? More than you think. It is one of the main aspects of overall testing in South Africa, in fact. Failing to do the necessary microbiology testing can result in a slew of complications.

What you need to know about nutritional profiling

By AssureCloud on 23 March 2022

To consumers, a label on a food product is nothing but a guide to help them make purchasing choices. But to manufacturers of foodstuffs, the labels are much more than that.

Why your products need to go through a food chemistry testing lab

By AssureCloud on 22 February 2022

Understanding why your products need to go through a food chemistry testing lab.

NOSA Testing COVID-19 Surface and Environmental Analysis Capabilities

By AssureCloud on 07 May 2020

As employers prepare to welcome their workforces back to work, concerns about surface and environmental contamination will be top of mind. NOSA Testing Laboratories, an ISO17025 accredited laboratory facility, can help.