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The compressed air and gas specialists! Compressed air quality is an important but often overlooked aspect in food production and packaging as the air almost always gets into contact with the product (either directly, or indirectly). Hence, the food safety and shelf life are directly influenced by the compressed air quality! CS Instruments specializes in compressed air measuring equipment which can help to ensure that the right compressed air quality is always maintained which is necessary to comply with the GMP’s (Good manufacturing practices) and ISO 8573-1. Furthermore, CS Instruments can help with energy management according to ISO 50001 and offers air quality, energy and leak audits as a service.


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Compressed Air Quality Requirements in the Food Industry

By CS Instruments (Pty) Ltd on 04 July 2019

Compressed air very often is missed as a potential source of contamination because it is only seen as a utility. To be fully compliant with food legislation, the compressed air system must be included as part of the HACCP analysis...

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